Armie Hammer's New Movie Apparently Has A Really Weird Masturbation Scene

call me by your name

Apparently, we've moved from the big screen era of lots of boob flashes to watching weird masturbation sequences. Earlier this year, Robert Pattinson's movie Good Time reportedly shot a scene featuring his character masturbating a dog, which was faked. But if you are into all types of sex scenes, you'll get a doozy in Armie Hammer's new movie. One character in the film is going to jerk himself off to a peach. Yes, that plump, fleshy fruit.

The new movie Call Me by Your Name is based on the 2007 novel of the same name, a book that is full of intense sexual encounters, nudity, and yes a scene where a boy takes a peach and finds that he can, in fact, use it as a sexual tool. It's a concept that works in fiction, but when Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino was trying to figure out how the onscreen version would look, he struggled with the idea of the famous peach scene, noting,

I was struggling with the possibility that you can masturbate yourself with such a fruit. So I grabbed a peach and I tried, and I have to say--it works. I went to Timothée [Chalamet], and said, 'We shoot the scene, because I tried it and it worked.' And he said, 'I tried, too, and I already knew it worked.'

What is perhaps funniest about this story is the fact that not only did Luca Guadagnino try his hand to test whether the peach theory would work, but the actor he hired to take on the role also gave masturbating with a peach a shot. So, if you were reading this article and wondering whether the scene in question even makes sense, you don't have to go so far as to grab a peach and try it yourself to see if it works. Although I guess if your thing is masturbating with weird fruit, that's no stranger than wanting to get it on with supernatural entity Pennywise the Clown.

Luca Gudagnino also told OUT that it was a real struggle to figure out if the iconic scene should even make the move. He said:

I was tempted to remove it from the script. In the book, it is so strong and explicit that I thought it was a metaphor, something that couldn't exist in real life.

Exist it will. Call Me By Your Name is the story of Elio, a young man who spends his summers abroad in an academic house, where his parents take in a guest who helps with his father's work. In the particular summer the movie focuses on Elio meets Oliver, and they have a pretty steamy and explicit relationship. In the film, Oliver will be played by Armie Hammer and Elio will be played by Timothée Chalamet.

Call Me By Your Name, and its peach sequence, will hit theaters on November 24, 2017. To take a look at what else is heading to theaters, check out our full movies schedule.

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