A hero is only as good as their villain, which is probably why DC has managed to become so successful over the years. For every great hero that the comic book giant produces, it provides readers with an army of great baddies as well. Now that the DC mythos has become an interwoven franchise on the silver screen, we expect the same to happen in the realm of movies.

On that note, with Steppenwolf set to make his live-action debut when Justice League hits theaters later this year on November 17, and Black Manta and Ocean Master set to do the same when Aquaman debuts on December 21, 2018, we found it prudent to go through all of the upcoming DC films and figure out which villains we would want to see in each project. With that in mind, let's dive in and start things off with Billy Batson's upcoming adventure.

Shazam - Dr. Sivana

Although conventional wisdom would seemingly dictate that Black Adam would be the bad guy in a Shazam movie, it turns out that DC is keeping The Rock's version of the supervillain at arm's length for now. If that's the case, then we think the Shazam movie should go the more grounded route and make Billy Batson face off against Dr. Sivana. An evil super-genius with a deep-seated hatred of Earth's Mightiest Mortal, Sivana is a more realistic and Earth-based threat who could help DC dip a toe into the Shazam corner of its lore without getting too crazy too quickly.

The Batman - The Court of Owls

Just when people thought that Batman couldn't get any more great bad guys in his rogues gallery, Scott Snyder came along and gave us The Court of Owls in The New 52. An Illuminati-esque group that was secretly running Gotham City long before the arrival of The Caped Crusader, The Court is a fan-favorite element of the comics that could easily allow Matt Reeves and Ben Affleck to break away from the typical "psychotic" bad guys that Batman fights. Beyond that, it would let them to embrace a more grounded and noir-style detective story for The Dark Knight.

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