See What Scott Eastwood Could Look Like As Wolverine

Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, and X-Men franchise, there is no shortage of comic book movies arriving in theaters. And with so many superhero adaptations currently being green lit from studios, actors have been jumping from one universe to another. Actor Scott Eastwood is hankering to do just that, as he's expressed interest in taking on the role of Wolverine in X-Men, since Hugh Jackman has finally hung up his claws and retired from the character. And now one concept artist has rendered what he might look like, and it's badass. Check it out.

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Yeah, he looks friggin' awesome. Let's break down this awesome design, created by artist Boss Logic.

To start, Scott Eastwood's physicality is quite different from Hugh Jackman's typical appearance as the character. While he's a bit shorter than Jackman (and therefore close to Wolverine's comic book height), he's also more lean than the Logan we know and love. Jackman typically plays the role with an extremely bulked up physique, which helped make the character so fierce and terrifying to his foes. Eastwood is a bit more cut in the image, but he would no doubt gain some weight if he landed the role.

What is perhaps the most exciting about the above image is the colorful costume design. One way that the X-Men franchise has consistently disappointed comic book purists is with its dark and somewhat boring costumes. In every film, the characters wear all black costumes that don't express their individuality or specific mutant powers. In the comics, the X-Men's outfits are more of a reflection of who they are, which is why the fandom has been disappointed with the team's costumes in the past six films.

But this type of colorful costume may very well show up in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Because while X-Men: Apocalypse gave the X-Men matching (boring) black flight suits, the final scene debuted new exciting costumes for the cast. These were more faithful to the comics, with each hero's costume being more colorful and individualized. If the next sequel will build upon the ending of Apocalypse, then perhaps we can expect colorful costumes. Now all we need is a new Wolverine so his yellow suit will finally show up in live-action.

Scott Eastwood made his hopes to play Wolverine clear months ago, but the studio doesn't currently have any plans to bring back the fan favorite character. Eastwood made his DCEU debut last year with a supporting role in Suicide Squad. And since he was killed off in the film's final act, Eastwood is available to switch over the Marvel side of things.

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