Ever since Robin Williams voiced the Genie in Aladdin, Disney has been looking toward major celebrity names to voice characters in their animated films. While not every voice role is filled by a movie star, most major Disney Animation Studios releases will have at least one big name in it. However, just being a celebrity doesn't mean you'll get the job.

Several times in the past Disney has had some pretty big names in mind to join their voice cast family that simply haven't worked out. The reasons are as varied as the roles, but one thing is for sure, if these actors had been cast, the characters we know and love would have sounded very different. Here are 10 Disney characters who almost sounded very different.


Hades was the villain in Disney's Hercules and, while the movie isn't one of the studio's biggest hits, the villain is one of its most memorable elements. This is thanks to the performance of James Woods, but imagine what Hades would have sounded like if he'd been voiced by Jack Nicholson. Jack was a major inspiration for the character and some early concept art of Hades is clearly drawn with Nicholson in mind. The actor did meet with Disney to discuss the role, but he was apparently looking for a paycheck on par with his lead acting roles, something that Disney couldn't do.


Before Eddie Murphy voiced Donkey in the Shrek movies, he added his voice to Mulan as the dragon sidekick Mushu. Joe Pesci was brought in to voice the character originally, but it was decided that the voice just wasn't working. Then, Disney had the idea to give the character two different personalities, with Pesci voicing one, and Richard Dreyfuss taking the other. This was apparently also scrapped. Eventually, Disney's head at the time Michael Eisner made the executive decision to bring in Murphy. It's unfortunate because Pesci has mostly retired from acting, which means we'll likely never hear him voice a Disney character.

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