7 Questions We Still Have About Justice League

The wait is nearly over! For more than a decade, DC Comics fans have been looking forward to a live action Justice League movie hitting theaters, and while George Miller's Justice League: Mortal never became a reality, we're only a month away from seeing the superhero team form in the DC films universe. With four trailers having been released (including the preview footage from 2016's San Diego Comic-Con), as well as numerous images and reports being published, much of what to expect from the Justice League movie has already been revealed.

However, as we count down the remaining weeks to Justice League's theatrical debut (which you can now pre-order tickets for), there are still a few questions that are bouncing around in our heads that we're eager to have answered. Starting off, let's take a look at a certain Kryptonian and his big return.

Superman in Justice League

How Will Superman Be Resurrected?

Superman sacrificed himself to defeat Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Warner Bros and DC have made no effort to hide that the Man of Steel will be brought back to life during Justice League, eventually becoming the sixth member of the team. As for how he will be resurrected, that remains a mystery. Aside from the dirt levitating above Clark Kent's coffin at the end of Batman v Superman, no clues have been provided yet on the means of his return. Maybe it will be the result of Apokoliptan technology. Maybe there's something in Kal-El's Kryptonian DNA that slowly revives his body when in the presence of a yellow sun. It's anyone's guess at this point. As for what Superman will be like when he's back among the living, we'll touch on that later.

Darkseid comics

How Does Darkseid Fit Into The Story?

Rather than follow in the footsteps of Geoff Johns' "Origin" Justice League arc (i.e. the story that kicked off the team in the New 52) and have Darkseid leading the invasion of Earth, the Justice League movie decided to send Steppenwolf, Darkseid's uncle, to our world with the Parademon army. But then how does Darkseid fit into the picture? It was reported last year that the Apokoliptan conqueror will appear in the flashback battle sequence, and a later rumor claimed we would see him and feel his presence, but he wouldn't speak. However, it's possible the Justice League reshoots may altered Darkseid's involvement, and one report even claimed that the setup for Darkseid to be Justice League 2's main antagonist has been removed. So for now, we're still in the dark of how Darkseid will directly play into Justice League, and that's if he even appears.

Green Lantern comics

Will A Green Lantern Show Up?

Green Lantern has traditionally been a founding member of the Justice League in the comics, but the movie has opted to keep the initial membership at six rather than seven. So far our only official indication of the Emerald Knights' existence in the DC film universe is when Steppenwolf said in the Comic-Con trailer that Earth doesn't have any Lanterns. With a Green Lantern Corps movie in development, we'll eventually meet this franchise's versions of the will-powered ring slingers, and there have been rumors that at least one Green Lantern (if not more) will appear in Justice League. But that has yet to be confirmed, and even if it is true, don't get your hopes up that it will be someone like Hal Jordan or John Stewart. It may just be an alien Lantern from a different sector.

Darkseid's forces

Why Did Darkseid's Forces Take So Long To Return To Earth?

Justice League will flash back to an explosive battle between the warriors of Earth (humans, Amazons and Atlantans) and Darkseid's forces that took place thousands of years ago. The conflict ended with Apokoliptan invaders fleeing and three Mother Boxes being hidden on our world, and now Steppenwolf has finally come to collect these alien supercomputers. But why did it take so long to for Darkseid to send someone back to Earth, especially factoring in Boom Tube technology? Did they only just now figure out millennia later that these Mother Boxes were missing? Has Earth somehow been shielded from transportation via Boom Tube, requiring Steppenwolf and his Parademons to come the long way around? Whatever the answer is, Steppenwolf will soon realize that he should have come to Earth a lot sooner, because the age of heroes has come again.

Superman black suit

Will Superman Wear The Black Suit?

Ever since Henry Cavill posted a picture of an all-black Superman 'S' shield, it's been rumored that when Superman returns to life, he'll be wearing a black suit, just like he did when he was revived in the comics. This has been strengthen by toys showing a black-costumed Superman, though as we've learned from other superhero movie releases, toys aren't always a truthful indicator of what's going to happen in the story. If Henry Cavill's Man of Steel has indeed exchanged his red and blue look for black duds, that may also call into question his motives upon being reborn. In other words, has he been corrupted? That wasn't the case in the comics when he was wearing the black suit, but if Apokoliptan technology does play a hand in his resurrection, then it's not unreasonable to think that the Kryptonian who awakens may not be the same one we saw perish at the end of Batman v Superman, at least temporarily.

Steppenwolf and Parademons

How Does Steppenwolf Plan To Destroy Earth?

Retrieving the three Mother Boxes won't be Steppenwolf's only goal in Justice League. While it hasn't been directly stated, it appears that he will also lay waste to our world, which fits the profile for a conqueror from Apokolips. How he will accomplish this, though, is unclear. Even with all his power, Steppenwolf can't destroy a planet on his own, and while he brought a lot of Parademons with him, it's possible there aren't even enough of those monsters to overwhelm Earth. That then leaves some sort of doomsday weapon (no, not that Doomsday) that Steppenwolf will trigger to destroy the planet. We've seen footage of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in what looks like Steppenwolf's ship, and the most recent Justice League trailer showed Cyborg screaming in pain as he was handling some kind of energy core. But we'll have to wait and see if this weapon is essentially just a bomb or will cause global destruction some other way.

Knightmare Flash

Will Flash's Time Travel Be Addressed?

After Batman experienced his Knightmare in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he witnessed a future Barry Allen crackling with electricity cryptically warning him of what's to come. This included requesting that Bruce "find them," i.e. the future members of the Justice League, which we'll see the billionaire crimefighter do next month. The Flash starring in Justice League is less experienced than the one who traveled back in time to prevent that particular apocalyptic timeline from happening, but will the time travel itself be addressed? In the latest Justice League trailer, Bruce mentions his dream of the end of the world, and as one of the smartest people on Earth, it shouldn't take long for him to realize that the team's speedster is the same guy who loudly visited him in the Batcave. Perhaps the more important question to ask is if the current Flash will also go back in time to play out a similar version of what his future self did in Batman v Superman, i.e. deliver a warning to Batman.

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