It's the Halloween season, and you know what that means: horror movies galore! It's the only time of year when horror movies are playing around the clock with holiday favorites like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th. The downside of this is that it can all start to feel pretty same-y... with the same classics playing year after year. There are plenty of other great horror movies out there during the Halloween season---several of which SHOULD be considered classics, but for whatever reason haven't made the jump to Halloween marathons.

There's never really ever a shortage of horror movies, but a lot of times these flicks can tend to fly under the mainstream radar. Maybe this is due to their indie status or a limited theatrical run, but either way, Halloween has more to offer than Nightmare Before Christmas and 24 hours of Hocus Pocus (don't @ me Freeform). There are loads of different horror movies out there, from found footage masterpieces to just straight-up entertaining gore-fests. These are just eight scary movies that should be considered classics but just aren't for some reason.


Hush, a horror thriller set around a deaf woman who must fend off a deranged killer in her isolated home, sounds like another gimmick horror film on paper. The execution, however, is exceptional. Starring Kate Siegel (who also co-wrote alongside director Mike Flanagan), the movie uses suspense to maximum effect. Silence is the ultimate monster here as Siegel's deaf character has no clue where the killer is at any given point, resulting in an intense cat-and-mouse scenario in which she must use her wit to overcome obstacle after obstacle. The premise never runs dry, and gets plenty of mileage. Stephen King, the master of spooky words, said it was "up there with Halloween," so that should be good enough for you.

The Loved Ones

And you thought your prom was rough. The Loved Ones is an Australian horror film from director Sean Byrne and it is 100% twisted. A high school teenager is kidnapped by a psychopathic admirer and her father, and is forced to partake in a demented prom in her house. It involves cannibalism, lobotomy, torture, and plenty of murder. The film is a gruesome and unrelenting twist on teen horror, providing some sickening thrills while being totally self-aware. And we can't forget Princess Lola (Robin McLeavy), a horror villain who would make even Freddy Krueger want to stay the hell away from her.

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