Watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan Attempt To Dodge Questions About Playing Thomas Wayne In Flashpoint

From the looks of it, Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems like one tough nut to crack. But we now have two instances where Jimmy Kimmel has gotten The Walking Dead actor to spill on the extent of his involvement in the DC Cinematic Universe. So either Morgan was born with a lack of a poker face, or Kimmel has some secret CIA interrogation skills we don't know about. Judge for yourself in the clip below, where Jimmy Kimmel asks him if he'll be in the Flashpoint movie as the alternate Batman:

It all started with a fun anecdote about how Jeffrey Dean Morgan accidentally released the gender of the baby he was expecting with his wife, Hilarie Burton, complete with photographic proof of the moment he realized he broke protocol. But, almost two minutes after warming up Morgan with that entire spiel, Jimmy Kimmel began to grill his guest about whether or not he'll be playing the Flashpoint movie's Batman. At which point, Jeffrey Dean Morgan pulls some seriously telling faces, and issues the following official statement:

I didn't say shit.

What's even funnier about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live is the fact that Kimmel cites precedent to his ability to get Morgan to break, as he previously grilled the actor on his at that moment unconfirmed involvement with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While he had some more to say in that scenario, clearly Morgan's learned his lesson to a certain extent this time around. Though not only is the actor not shy about his desire to become the alternate timeline version of the Caped Crusader, he also knows just why it makes sense.

In the Flashpoint storyline, Barry Allen accidentally creates a new timeline where his mother, Nora, wasn't murdered in cold blood. Unfortunately for Barry, and the rest of the DC Universe, this changes everything. Part of those changes involves Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, becoming the Batman after the untimely shooting death of his son. Though the animated adaptation, The Flashpoint Paradox, goes for the full trifecta of bizarre by making another tiny, but fantastic, change to the mythology surrounding the Wayne family: it made Bruce's mom, Martha, into that universe's version of The Joker.

With The Flash movie allegedly becoming the Flashpoint adaptation the DC cinematic universe needs and/or deserves, there's a strong potential that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is tipping his hand to the possibility being more than in the works. But, of course, until any official announcements are made, on Jimmy Kimmel Live or any other outlet, we'll just have to write this off as unconfirmed chatter from the many universes of the DC Comics multiverse. Anything's possible though, just as Justice League will try to prove as it bids for audience's love and affection on November 17th.

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