Check Out Zac Efron And Jamie Lee Curtis On The Set Of The New Halloween Movie

It's that day folks. Halloween is here, and with it comes hours of the franchise of the same name playing on a loop at AMC. And fans of Michael Meyers also have something big to look forward to, as series star Jamie Lee Curtis is set to reprise her role as Laurie Strode in next year's sequel. And while the original scream queen's inclusion is amping up excitement for the upcoming Halloween movie, the cast is a mystery aside from Judy Greer as Laurie's daughter Karen. Actor Zac Efron recently showed on the set of the mysterious movie, leading many to wonder if he might have a role as well. Check out the photo below.

Laurie Strode is back, and looking better than ever. Although it doesn't hurt that she's cuddled alongside Mr. Troy Bolton himself. Efron posted this photo himself via social media in commemoration of the holiday.

Of course, this photo sparked speculation that Zac Efron would be joining the town of Haddonfield in the 11th film in the franchise. This has since been refuted by horror producer and Blood Disgusting co-founder Brad Miska. Miska's declaration does make sense; it would be a smart idea to announce a new cast member today, with many watching the classic franchise and celebrating Halloween. But it would probably be done more professionally, rather than a vague post by Efron on his presonal social account. So he likely just visited the set, snapped a photo, and saved it for today. The likes are already adding up.

But Halloween fans are definitely eager for more information about next year's film. Franchise creator and composer John Carpenter has recently revealed a few details, particularly that the new movie would ignore all of the sequels. Instead, we'll see the same Laurie Strode that survived her encounter with Michael Meyers in the original film, and how it affected her life as an adult.

Jamie Lee Curtis has seemingly been training for this return to Laurie Strode with her recent TV work. For the past two years, she starred in the campy FOX comedy Scream Queens. But rather than being a damsel in distress, she was an ass kicker and sexual vixen who was always one step ahead of everyone else. She also got to spoof classic horror moments like Marion Crane's death from Psycho.

The original Laurie Strode was last seen in 2002's Halloween: Resurrection. She was unceremoniously killed off in the scene's opening moments, which angered the diehard fans. Previously Jamie Lee Curtis was seen in H20, alongside Josh Hartnett and Michelle Williams. This was far more well received, and her return after over a decade was a badass, complex, and alcoholic Laurie who was assuming a false identity.

2018's Halloween film is currently set to arrive on October 19, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 premiere list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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