15 Funniest Moments In Thor: Ragnarok


Warning: Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok follow, so come back once you've seen the movie!

It's official: Thor: Ragnarok is straight up hilarious. Director Taika Waititi has successfully pivoted the Thor franchise from a Shakespearean action thriller to a comedy by highlighting the inherently ridiculous world of Viking space gods with superpowers. It's a big departure to swallow at first, but once you settle in, the jokes really start to land, resulting in one of Marvel's funniest movies yet.

Thor has always sneakily been one of the funniest Avengers and Chris Hemsworth rises to the challenge of ramping up Thor's swagger and insecurities to a new level. Every cast member brings their A-game, with Bruce Banner, Loki, Valkyrie, and especially the Grandmaster getting great comedy moments throughout the movie. There's a LOT of these moments and the jokes fly like lightning (or thunder) in Thor: Ragnarok, so to try and make it easier, we've collected what we think are some of the funniest moments from the entire movie. Here they are, in no particular order, the 15 funniest moments in Thor: Ragnarok.

Loki's death

Loki's Play

Loki has been on the throne of Asgard disguised as Odin for a few years and he's used that opportunity to really play into his narcissism. Not only has he built statues of himself, but he's even staged a play about the tragedy of his "heroic death." And of course, he watches while getting pampered with grapes by beautiful women. Not only is the play itself funny for how it parodies the events of Thor: The Dark World, but it also features a brilliant cameo from Matt Damon. He plays an Asgardian actor portraying Loki in the play and he has some fun with it. The scene also has Sam Neil as Odin and Luke Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth's brother) as Thor.


Skurge's Shake Weight

The weirdest product placement you'll ever see in a Marvel film. Skurge the Executioner has been left in charge of the Bifrost and has abused this position to steal souvenirs from across the galaxy. He's particularly fond of Des and Troy, the assault rifles he picked up in Texas, but he also shows off another Earth treasure: a Shake Weight. Skurge gives it a spin to impress some ladies, but an untimely arrival from Thor and a dismembered dragon head cut the workout short. Skurge doesn't get to do much, but his face while using the Shake Weight is killer. The story behind how the Shake Weight got in the movie is equally funny and weird.

Thor Loki

Get Help! My Brother Is Hurt!

Before they were enemies, Thor and Loki used to adventure together, traveling to all sorts of places and getting into all manner of trouble. One of Thor's favorite plays to get out of danger was to "Get Help," a plan that he once again uses in Thor: Ragnarok. While trying to steal one of the Grandmaster's ships, Thor convinces (read: forces) Loki to Get Help, which involves pretending that Loki is mortally wounded. Then, while screaming for the armed guards to get help, he literally throws his brother like a sack of potatoes at their distracted foes. Loki hates it, but it's very fun for us.

Honorable Mention: Another awesome bit from Thor and Loki's childhood. Loki would disguise himself as a snake, and then when Thor would pick him up (because snakes are awesome), he'd turn back into Loki and scare him.


Bruce Banner has been the Hulk non-stop for two years when Thor finds him as a gladiator on Sakaar. When Banner finally does take back control, he's worried that if he Hulks-Out again, he may never turn back into Bruce Banner. Later in Act 3, he has no choice but to become the Hulk in order to save defenseless Asgardian civilians from Fenris Wolf. He leaps from a spaceship several feet above the Bifrost, hoping to change into the Hulk and land in a hero's pose like he's done so many times before. Instead, he doesn't change and lands face first on the Rainbow Bridge, clearly having broken several bones. He turns out fine, but it's a funny reversal of what we've come to expect.


Everything Korg Says

This one is cheating but it really can't be understated how funny Korg is in this movie. The comic relief in a movie filled with comic relief, Korg is a one-liner factory. Played by Taika Waititi himself, Korg is a simple good-natured rock man trying to start a revolution and who speaks his mind. It's tough to pick out just one stand out moment from Korg, whether it's trying to kick away a "ghost" Loki or his confusion over how Thor flies with his hammer. Korg might be at his best though when paired with his sidekick, Miek, a slug-like alien in an exo-suit that gives him knives for hands.


Also, Everything The Grandmaster Says

The Grandmaster might be the single funniest character in the entire movie, so, of course we couldn't narrow just one moment from him! The ruler of the planet Sakaar and its Contest of Champions, the Grandmaster IS Jeff Goldblum. No one else could have done this role and Goldblum is a huge part of why he's so funny. He steals every scene he's in with his one-liners and delightfully odd behavior. Even when he's melting a guy, he can't help but be hilarious. The Grandmaster gets 10/10 Full Goldblums.


Point Break Callback

It's always nice when the MCU throws out a callback to any one of its early films and Thor: Ragnarok had a really cool one with The Avengers. While trying to activate the Quinjet to escape Sakaar, Thor can't get the computer to recognize his name (Thor and Strongest Avenger don't cut it). Sighing, Thor says, "Point Break," the computer immediately registering him as Thor. This is a fun little dig from Tony Stark, who first called Thor Point Break after they fought in The Avengers. Thor should at least be glad Tony didn't program it to be Shakespeare in the Park instead.

Hulk Black Widow

Sun's Going Down, Big Guy

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Widow has worked out a hypnotic trigger with the Hulk that will calm him down and turn him back into Bruce Banner. It's triggered by the phrase, "sun's going down, big guy," followed by a single stroke down the hand. It works for Black Widow, but not so great for Thor. During their big fight, Thor attempts to calm Hulk down by doing his best Widow impersonation and uttering the trigger phrase. It doesn't work at all, but throughout the movie, Thor repeatedly and rapidly mutters "sun's going down" in order to keep Banner calm. Another excellent callback.

Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet Is Fake

One of the biggest plotholes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that there are seemingly two Infinity Gauntlets: one in Odin's Treasure Room (seen for, like, two seconds in Thor) and another in Thanos' possession. This has led to some speculation and fan theories as to why this is, but ultimately it chalks up to Marvel possibly not thinking they'd ever make it to an Infinity Gauntlet storyline. While Hela is blasting Odin for his deceit, she mocks the items in the treasury, knocking over the Gauntlet yelling "fake!" It's something only diehard MCU fans will appreciate, but it's a sold self-referential joke that also doubles as a plothole fix.


Puny God

When they last saw each other in The Avengers, Hulk and Loki didn't exactly end it on the best of terms. Loki tried to kill everyone and the Hulk smashed him into the ground repeatedly. A few years later and Loki hasn't quite forgotten that traumatic encounter. When the Hulk is revealed to be the Grandmaster's champion in a battle with Thor, Loki immediately goes pale and tries to get the hell out of there. He's forced to stay and watch the fight, but I bet he's glad he did because Hulk does the same Puny God maneuver on Thor, to Loki's utter delight.

Thor haircut

Stan Lee Gives Thor A Haircut

Thor's haircut was a hot subject amongst his fans, but it seems like people are mostly down with his new, shorter, cut. It might also help that it ends up being Stan Lee who cuts his hair in his mandatory cameo appearance. This time around Stan Lee is an alien barber and his hands are a little shaky so try not to move around too much. Thor is already having a hard enough time saying goodbye to his golden hair, but Stan Lee's demonic buzzsaw scissors probably don't help matters much.

Hulk Surtur

Hulk Just Wants To Fight Giant Surtur

You can't have Ragnarok without the demonic fire god, Surtur. Surtur is prophesied to bring about the end of Asgard after his crown is thrown into the Eternal Flame and he grows to the size of a mountain. Pretty epic, right? Well, Thor decides that Ragnarok is the only thing that can stop Hela and he allows Surtur to destroy Asgard. The only problem is that Hulk loves fighting giant monsters and tries to beat up Surtur before he can finish Ragnarok. Thor quickly shuts Hulk down, much the Green Goliath's disappointment. He just wants to fight a giant monster, you guys!


Thor's Embarrassing Window Exit

A huge part of Thor's humor in Ragnarok played with his insecurities and stripping him from some of his bravado. This came up in a few ways, such as failing to call his hammer so that it's timed with a sick one-liner, but it was never better than when he failed to make a heroic exit. After first failing to recruit Valkyrie in Hulk's room, Thor takes a rubber ball of Hulk's and chucks it at a nearby window. Instead of cracking through the window like he intended, it bounced right back and hit him in the face. And right in front of his hero crush Valkyrie too.

Doctor Strange

Loki Was Falling For 30 Minutes

Being an MCU movie, Thor: Ragnarok was not without its superheroic cameos. Doctor Strange played an important part early on in the movie helping Thor find Odin on Earth, but he wasn't too keen on Loki coming back to his neighborhood. Strange snatched Loki away with a Sling Ring portal, forcing Thor to track Strange down at Bleecker Street. The whole exchange between the two heroes is pretty delightful, but the best moment came when Strange released Loki, who had just been falling in an endless void for 30 minutes. It doesn't really compare to sending your dad to a retirement facility for, like, 3 years, though.


Hulk, Uh, Reveals Himself To Thor

Look, we've all thought it at least one time: Hulk probably has a big penis when he Hulks-Out. It's just common science, but Thor got to find out for sure when Hulk took a naked stride across his room. Emerging from his own personal hot tub (because he's a baller), Hulk didn't care much to cover up, giving an unhappy Thor a full view. The image is always in Thor's brain now and being a near-immortal being, that's going to be in there for awhile.

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