The Baby Porgs From Star Wars Are Weird Looking, Check Them Out

A lot of people are talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is the super adorable creatures called porgs. Now, we have our first look at what the little guys look like at birth. Honestly, it seems that progs grow into their cuteness, because they're a lot less adorable at birth. A new Star Wars toy reveals that newborn porgs are little more than eggs with faces. Check them out.

At first glance, this looks like it could simply be a nest of porg eggs, but upon closer examination, this is apparently what the little alien seabirds look like at birth. They have clearly defined mouths and eyes, though the reason they're obvious is because they're vaguely pink, while the rest of their bodies are white. The image is part of a toy line that is being shown on a Japanese website While the human characters in the toy line are a bit stylized, with slightly oversized heads, the toy version of the adult porg looks pretty close to what we've seen in the trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so we're guessing this is a pretty close copy of what the babies will look like in the movie as well.

To be fair, few baby birds look all that cute at birth, but these guys are even stranger than most. It looks like porgs are born as fairly round balls and then they begin to take some sort of shape as they grow. this probably makes them look even stranger during their early years as they make the change from round to the puffin-like shape they have as adults.

Chewbacca and porg

Honestly, baby porgs look like the pork buns you find in a dim sum restaurant. Are we certain Luke Skywalker hasn't been eating baby porgs as part of diet while living on this island for all these years?

The fact that baby porgs are getting their own toys would seem to indicate that they'll be part of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in some way. Of course, that doesn't mean they need to be particularly important to the story. This is Star Wars after all, and pretty much every creature, spaceship, and droid that shows up on screen in any capacity is going to get its own action figure. Although, it should be said that most of the rest of the toys in this particular line are of major characters like Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and Rey. The only other alien creature that's getting its own toy in this series are the Caretakers, the alien nuns that look after the Jedi temple on Ahch-To.

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