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Benjamin Bratt Jonathan Pangborn Doctor Strange

Warning: spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange! Read ahead at your own risk!

Doctor Strange introduced fans to an entirely new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year, as well as some phenomenal new characters. One short-lived personality was Benjamin Bratt's Jonathan Pangborn, whose presence in the film came as a surprise to many fans. That said, I recently sat down with Bratt during the press junket for Pixar's Coco, and while he wouldn't confirm whether or not he would be back to the MCU anytime soon, he expressed interest in generating fan enthusiasm for a possible return. When I asked about the potential, Bratt said:

God, I hope so. Yeah, you know, it was such a brief experience but really and exciting one. Listen, let's start a campaign. You know, if you stayed all the way through to the end of the credits with that second little mini scene, it certainly leaves the possibility open.

As fans of the Doctor Strange movie will recall, Jonathan Pangborn (a man who should've been paralyzed in an accident) was the one who initially turned Stephen Strange onto the possibility of the mystic arts after Strange's car accident at the beginning of the film. Pangborn then disappeared for much of the film, only to return during the post-credits scene in which Mordo steals his magic and cripples him in a workshop.

If you need a refresher on exactly what happens to Jonathan Pangborn at the end of Doctor Strange, then check out the post-credits scene from the Sorcerer Supreme's solo movie below!

It's worth mentioning that Benjamin Bratt's comments about generating fan support come at the right time. Fans tend to get what they want these days (look no further than the fact that Deadpool even exists). If Doctor Strange enthusiasts decide that they want to see more of a character like Jonathan Pangborn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then a loud enough cry might convince Kevin Feige and the rest of the folks at Marvel Studios to make it happen.

It also doesn't hurt that Benjamin Bratt is currently making the rounds for another Disney-owned property. He recently provided his voice for Ernesto de la Cruz in Pixar's new film, Coco, and promising early box office figures suggest that it could become a big hit for Disney. After taking part in two successful films for the entertainment giant, that just might be able to make his case that he's a lucky charm.

CinemaBlend will keep you posted with more information about the future of the Doctor Strange franchise as new details become available. Until then, you can catch Stephen Strange during his brief cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, which is currently dominating the box office, and then again next year when The Sorcerer Supreme teams up with the Avengers in Avengers: Infinity War. Here's everything that we know about the upcoming Avengers film.

As for Benjamin Bratt, make sure to listen out his smooth vocals when Pixar's Coco premieres in theaters on November 22.

Do you want to see Benjamin Bratt return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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