The formation of the titular team may have been the focus of Justice League, but a lot of people seem to agree that one of the best sequences had nothing to do with Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. The movie features a flashback to thousands of years ago when the armies of man, Atlantis, and the Amazons combined forces to repel Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) from conquering the Earth using his Mother Boxes. Though it's a short sequence, the battle is filled with enough action and cameos to make any comic book fans smile. It runs the risk of sensory overload during the first viewing, so there's a chance not everyone managed to catch all the different characters who show up.

In addition to the Amazons and Atlanteans, the Old Gods (first shown in Wonder Woman) and even a Green Lantern can be seen battling back Steppenwolf and his parademon army. None of these characters are named onscreen, but thanks to internet theorists, IMDB, The Justice League: Art of the Film book, and our own nerdy brains, we were able to place the biggest characters from the epic flashback. Without further ado, these are all the major DC characters to be found in the flashback


Created by Zeus, the Amazons are basically ageless, which means that several of the characters first introduced in Wonder Woman can play a big part in the backstory of the DCEU. The most notable of the Amazons is their queen and Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta. Connie Nielsen reprises her role and while she can be seen much more prominently in an earlier scene on Themyscira, she does appear in the flashback leading her people against Steppenwolf. The Amazons were trusted to protect one of the three Mother Boxes for safekeeping, which they ultimately fail to do.


Wonder Woman's mom wasn't the only parent she had out on that battlefield. Zeus, king of the gods and Diana's secret daddy, can be seen a few times during the flashback scene. Looking like more of a Classic Hero with his short cut beard and robes, he's one of the three giant human-like beings that tower over the rest of Earth's forces. Zeus hurls thunderbolts at Steppenwolf, which led some to believe that he may have been some ancient form of Shazam. Thanks to IMDB credits and alternative concept art, we can confirm that this was Zeus. It's likely soon after this battle that he meets his ultimate fate against Ares. Speaking of which...

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