We knew that Avengers: Infinity War was going to bring together all of our favorite heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into one massive feature film. It turns out we don't need the movie to get see that, the trailer is huge by itself. The list of Marvel characters who make an appearance in the trailer is massive, but we're going to go through them all. Here's every character that you see or hear in the brand new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

The Voice Of Nick Fury

The first character to appear in the trailer doesn't do so on screen. In fact, we never actually see Nick Fury in the trailer at all, but we do hear him. As the trailer opens, showing a planet out in space, we hear Fury recite the first line of a speech that he gave in the original Avengers film. The fact that we don't see him, and that this line of dialogue is probably taken directly from the older film rather than being new is interesting, as he's one of only a few characters that don't have something new to do here, but the fact that we hear his voice would seem to confirm that Nick Fury will be there.

Tony Stark/Iron Man

It wouldn't exactly be an Avengers movie without the man who started the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, now would it? The first face we see in the trailer is that of Robert Downey Jr. We see both Tony Stark and Iron Man several times throughout the trailer. It appears he'll primarily be paling around with Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner as we see some combination of those four in multiple shots of the trailer. Based on this first look, however, things are going to get bad for the man in the suit.

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