The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Answers A Huge Question About Vision

Vision Infinity War

Ever since Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced Vision, fans have wondered how the events of Infinity War will affect him. This morning the first trailer was released and it doesn't tease us with the answer. Vision was brought to life thanks to one of the Infinity Stones, which are the objects that Thanos is after, leading us to inevitable conclusion that Thanos would need to take down the Avengers and take the stone from his head. That's exactly what the trailer shows us happening.

To be fair, there's a lot of detail missing from the few seconds of trailer footage. We don't actually see the stone come out of Vision, only him on the ground with a staff trying to wrench the object out of him. We also don't see exactly who is wielding the staff. It could be Thanos, or it could be somebody working for him. Regardless, the question of what's going to happen to Vision appears to have an answer, and it's not good for the Avengers.

The question of what was going to happen to Vision wasn't necessarily that hard to answer. Unless Thanos utterly failed to obtain all the Infinity Stones in the MCU version of this story, and we don't expect that to be the case, then it was clear Vision was going to have the stone taken from him. The only question was when it would happen. While Avengers 4 is no longer being called Infinity War: Part 2, we do still expect that film to complete the story that this one starts, as such, it meant that whatever was going to happen to Vision might not happen in this film.

And it's still barely possible that's the case. As stated, we don't actually see the stone get removed from Vision. It could be that the next shot after the one we see here is somebody coming in to save Vision at the last minute. It also doesn't mean that Vision is going to die. While the stone gave him life and certainly gives him his abilities, we don't know for certain that he needs it simply to continue living.

Interestingly, the trailer also shows us a new power that the Infinity Stone gives Vision. The power to look less red.

Vision with human skin Infinity War

It makes sense to include this awful Vision moment in the trailer. It's something fans are expecting to see so hiding it doesn't serve much purpose. Instead, showing it ups the tension in a trailer that does an absolutely amazing job of getting the audience hyped for a movie they've still got to wait six months to see. Are we truly witnessing the end of Vision? Apparently, we'll find out in May.

Dirk Libbey
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