Seth Rogen Will Play Walter Cronkite In Upcoming Film About JFK Assassination

Seth Rogen

The world will never forget Walter Cronkite. He was the legendary newsman with an iconic voice once known as the most trusted man in America. He was the person who brought the news to millions of Americans that President John F. Kennedy had died in one of the most well known broadcasts ever. So who could play such a man, and capture his credibility and gravitas? How does Seth Rogen strike you? "Huh," you say? Well, "Huh," indeed. Seth Rogen is now set to play the storied CBS anchorman in Stampede Ventures' upcoming film Newsflash, which is about the assassination of President Kennedy. And no, it is not a comedy.

Newsflash will reveal how the day of November 22, 1963 unfolded at CBS news, leading to Walter Cronkite's surreal and iconic announcement to a shocked nation that President John F. Kennedy had died. As first reported by The Wrap, Seth Rogen joins the film to be directed by David Gordon Green, who most recently directed the Boston Marathon bombing movie Stronger. Newsflash is based on a BlackList script by Ben Jacoby. Walter Cronkite is one of the pillars of American broadcast journalism along with the likes of Edward R. Murrow and Barbara Walters, and in addition to his announcement of the death of JFK, he was known for his coverage of the Vietnam War, the Iran Hostage Crisis, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Apollo 11 moon landing.

You can take a look at Walter Cronkite's JFK announcement in the video from CBS Sunday Morning below, and start to imagine what it might look like when Seth Rogen is tasked with delivering the same news:

Of course, this isn't Seth Rogen's first dramatic turn, nor is it his first time playing an important, real person. The actor, best known for roles in films like Superbad and Sausage Party starred as Steve Wozniak in the Aaron Sorkin-scripted, Danny Boyle-directed film Steve Jobs just a few years ago. Actors like Jim Carrey, Steve Carell and Adam Sandler have all made the jump from comedy to drama in the past, and have shown some serious skills when the project and direction was suitable. This could be a great opportunity for Rogen to break out from the types of roles he always plays and show that he has some real range. At the same time, while I don't doubt his commitment to the role or ability, but I'm not sure I see it. His looks and voice just simply don't approximate those of the famed newsman. But perhaps he showed the producers and casting director something special that made him more than just a non-traditional pick.

Newsflash joins a recent trend of films that give insight into and champion the fourth estate and the importance of real journalism. Spotlight won best picture in 2016 and Steven Spielberg's latest, The Post is poised to make a splash this awards season. Newsflash does not currently have a release date, but stay tuned to CinemaBlend as we bring you all the latest about the movie's development.

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