MoviePass Is Going Even Cheaper, At Least For Costco Users

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MoviePass has been making some serious waves in the industry over the last several months after dropping its monthly subscription price significantly. However, some movie fans can now get an even better deal on the service. However, the deal is only available for a limited time. Starting today and running until December 18, Costco members can purchase an annual subscription to MoviePass for $89.99. However, in addition to getting MoviePass for a year, those who purchase this deal will also get access to the streaming service Fandor for a year as well.

Earlier this year, MoviePass dropped its monthly subscription fee from $30 to $9.95, making it a potentially useful deal for anybody who goes to the movie theater even once a month. Recently, the service upped the ante by offering a 12-month subscription for $89.95, which comes out to only about $7.50 per month. At that price, it becomes a deal, even if you only go to matinee shows. The Costco deal is essentially the same as the standard annual subscription, but it offers the Fandor access as well to sweeten the deal. Interested Costco members will actually be purchasing a pair of digital codes which can be redeemed online for both services. The deal is only available on Costco's website

While Fandor may not be as well known amongst the numerous streaming services out there, it's got a solid catalog of over 5,000 films that mostly focus on documentary, independent, and international films. A quick glance at what's offered reveals great films like Mad Max, Strictly Ballroom, and Carrie, among others. While a lot of what Fandor offers looks to be smaller films that fans might not be as familiar with, that's sort of the beauty of the deal. If you were going to pick up the MoviePass annual deal anyway, this gives you access to Fandor essentially for free. You can check out the various independent films, and if they're good, that's great, and if they're not, you didn't actually spend any money on it. Fandor normally goes for $4.99 a month, so you're saving about $60 for the total package.

MoviePass has increased its subscription numbers in a huge way following the price drop and it only expects that number to grow in the coming months. This has lead Cinemark, one of the largest US theater chains, to offer its own similar plan to compete. AMC Theaters has made no secret of its anti-MoviePass stand.

Since the deal is only available for a limited time those who are interested will want to jump on the deal. The one-week promotion is likely being used as a way to gauge interest from Costco members. If there's a massive buy-in, we may very likely see the deal again, or see MoviePass become a regular item for sale.

Dirk Libbey
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