All The Hilarious Comments Deadpool Has Had About The Disney And Fox Merger

Deadpool holding gun in Deadpool 2

After weeks of reports, it was officially announced today that Disney is purchasing large chunks of 21st Century Fox. Among the numerous assets the House of Mouse will receive as a result of the merger is the X-Men cinematic properties, which means that after years of the Marvel mutant world being its own franchise, these heroes and villains can finally be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since early November, Ryan Reynolds has dropped several amusing comments on social media about this monumental deal in perfect Deadpool tone, as we've grown used to from him. For instance, here's what he had to say when the deal was publicly revealed.

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It was a fair question, to be sure. Although Deadpool has been a big player in the Marvel comics universe for decades, his movie (soon to be movies) is significantly more violent and vulgar compared to the MCU's offerings. Would he still be able to say "Fuck," or would he have to trade that in for a "Fudge" or censorship bleeping. More important, how will this deal actually affect future Deadpool movies? As things stand now, the Disney/Fox merger is not expected to interfere with Deadpool 2's release, though the same can't be promised for Deadpool 3 and X-Force, which are in development. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger said earlier today that a specific R-brand could be created so Deadpool, along with the more intense X-Men characters, could continue chugging along without being watered down.

Moving ahead a month, Ryan Reynolds...sorry, Deadpool, dropped this on Twitter when we learned that the Disney/Fox deal was likely going to happen.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that unless it's in a South Park-like setting, it's for the best that Deadpool and Mickey Mouse don't explore that sexual tension. They may be part of the same family now, but that doesn't mean they need to sit at the same table during get-togethers. Keep those two far apart!

Which brings us to the Disney/Fox merger becoming official today. Deadpool didn't waste anytime taking advantage of his new Disney perks, although there's only so much he can get away with.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Disneyland security now has pictures of Wade Wilson masked and unmasked prominent displayed to ensure that he doesn't get back into the theme park. This is a family-friendly attraction, after all. In any case, it's doubtful that this will be the last time Ryan Reynolds humorously comments on the Disney/Fox deal, and we can only imagine what trouble the Merc with the Mouth will get into next in the Disney environment.

You can see Ryan Reynolds back in action as Wade Wilson when Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on the Disney/Fox deal will affect the silver screen future of the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters.

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