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Watch Ansel Elgort Showing Off His Baby Driver Skills During A Snowstorm

Baby Driver was one of 2017's best films and a movie with some great practical stunt driving. While much of the action was surely captured with stunt drivers, it appears Ansel Elgort came away from the production with at least some basic skills. The star of Baby Driver recently posted a video of himself showing off his abilities behind the wheel, in much worse conditions than he ever has to contend with in the movie, a New York snowstorm, check it out.

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The video shows us Ansel Elgort, in the same model car that opens Baby Driver, a red Subaru WRX. He takes the car for a spin, quite literally, as he does a full spin before going into a slide across the snow. It's true that what we see here is nothing compared to some of the insane things that take place as part of Baby Driver, but Elgort is clearly in control of the car the whole time, which shows that he does have some abilities behind the wheel, either that he had perfected previously, or that he picked up on the set of the film.

If you need a reminder, or for some terrible reason have never seen Baby Driver, here's what Ansel Elgort's character of Baby can do in the same car when the ground is dry. Also, he does it with a perfect soundtrack.

Perhaps Ansel Elgort will get to do some more of his own driving stunts in the future. Baby Driver 2 looks to be a real possibility and while it hasn't been officially announced, writer and director Edgar Wright has said that talks about a sequel are actively happening. This is great news for those of us that loved the original. It had some of the best music and the best action of any film in 2017. While the movie would seem to have come to some sort of conclusion, Wright says that since Baby is in a new place at the end of the film, there's the potential for there to be another story to tell.

It looks like if a sequel comes along, Ansel Elgort will be ready for it. Perhaps he'll get to do more of the driving himself if he continues doing tricks in the snow between now and whenever a new Baby Driver movie is ready to go.

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