Obviously, Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Keeps A Hammer In His Bathroom

thor ragnarok and hammer

It's a well-known fact that actors often keep props from the sets of movies or TV programs they have been involved with, and sometimes they even go to great lengths to steal things from the set. Apparently, Marvel doesn't really mind when Chris Hemsworth walks off with stuff from the movies spearheaded by Thor and the Avengers, as he recently told Jimmy Kimmel that he has "about 5" copies of Mjolnir in his home. And one of them is kept handily by the toilet, per the actor.

I've got five. One's in the toilet. It's next to the toilet, if you need some assistance... Often, people stay in there a little longer and I think it's because of the hammer.

Well, if you have five, why not flaunt 'em? Jimmy Kimmel also joked around that Chris Hemsworth must use Mjolnir as a toilet paper holder, to which Hemsworth admitted that was not the prop's purpose. However, he didn't reveal where he keeps the other four copies of the famous movie hammer. I can just imagine wandering around Hemsworth's house only to find the objects popping out in the strangest places. Maybe the rest of them are just lined up on the fireplace mantle or something, though.

Chris Hemsworth may be joking about why people hang out in his bathroom longer than they might in other people's, but his conversation with Jimmy Kimmel also indicates those individuals might not be play-acting out scenes from Marvel movies. In fact, he calls the prop Mjolnir's "heavy," also noting it's a big feat when his son picks the item up.

It's pretty heavy, and one of my sons in particular who's a beefy little kid certainly is sort of like Papa look, looking I can do it. [Then drops it], so the hammer's got a few dents in it and scratches.

If you'd like to see more from Chris Hemsworth's visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you can check out the video, below.

As you've seen Thor: Ragnarok, you probably already know that Mjolnir was destroyed by the ambitious Hela during the events of the movie. We've already seen some footage from The Avengers: Infinity War and have some idea of what weapon Thor might replace the hammer with, although he showed at the end of his last solo film that he can still do fine without his beloved device. We'll find out more when The Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4. In the meantime, you can take a look at what we know about Infinity War so far.

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