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With all of the talk about us finally getting a Black Widow movie with Scarlett Johansson, it might be easy to forget that we are a little over a year away from the MCU's first female-fronted movie, Captain Marvel. That 2019 film will see the introduction of one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe, Carol Danvers, who will be played by Oscar winner, Brie Larson. The actress is currently hard at work training to take on the role of the Air Force pilot, as you can see below:

She's learning to fly, but she ain't got wings. What Brie Larson does have, though, is some pretty good training to help her get into character. In addition to reading the comics, the actress has been visiting service members to inform her performance as the Air Force ace. Carol Danvers always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and has a love of aircrafts and flying in the comics, so it's great that Larson is hanging out with the Air Force and get into the headspace of the character.

I don't know if the actress is prepping to really go up in a fighter jet in this Twitter post or perhaps preparing for a simulation/some other training. I certainly hope she gets to ride in a real jet to get the full experience, though. Captain Marvel can fly at six times the speed of sound, so what better way to get to see through her eyes. And I'm assuming fear of heights was an immediate disqualifier for the role, so ideally she would be as stoked to fly as Carol Danvers herself. Brie Larson already looks the part and the Best Actress winner should be more than ready to enter the danger zone and deliver a badass female superhero.

As with most far off Marvel movies, we don't know a lot about Captain Marvel yet. What we do know is that it will be set in the '90s and feature a two-eyed Nick Fury. The Skrulls will be the villains of the film, and there is a good chance that the Kree-Skrull War will play a part in the story. The film will begin shooting soon, but that won;t be all we see of Carol in 2019. After Larson was spotted in Atlanta, where most Marvel movies film, it was confirmed that the heroine will participate in Avengers 4.

There is not a lot known about Earth's Mightest Heroes' fourth outing yet, but it is quite possible that Thanos will still be the villain in that Phase Three capper, having completed his gauntlet at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. I suspect that Captain Marvel will essentially be the cavalry; a heavy hitter who turns the tide in the war against Thanos and saves Earth and the Avengers from the Mad Titan's wrath at the eleventh hour.

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8, 2019. Check out our guide for all of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films.