February is for Netflix lovers, as several new titles are looking to court the eyes and ears of subscribers throughout the month. But, that means that some films are going to be breaking up with their potential audiences, as they'll be leaving the platform throughout the month. Out of the numerous titles that will be departing that long and lonesome road in the second month of 2018, there are nine that we suggest you meet up with one last time. It's only fair, as they've been there for you all this time, waiting for you to come back. Grab your tissues, practice your goodbyes, and take a look at who's leaving Netflix in February.

Corpse Bride

File this one under just a tad too soon, as Netflix could have rode this baby through at least another month of views in the pre / post Valentine's market. A spiritual successor to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride is another stop-motion animation feast from the mind of Tim Burton, which most people tend to overlook when compared to that previous film. With a voice cast that boasts Johnny Depp, Christopher Lee, and Helena Bonham-Carter, in addition to a musical score by the legendary Danny Elfman, Corpse Bride is quintessentially a Tim Burton produced film through and through, telling a tale of love spanning the worlds of the living and the dead.

Hard Candy

It's kind of hard to believe that Hard Candy is only 13 years old, but the film that kick-started both Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson's careers is in fact that old. A revenge tale between a young teen and a man she presumes to be a sexual predator, the David Slade-directed film is a taut thriller that still holds up, thanks to its near minimalist approach. As the shifting power dynamic between Page's vengeful youngster and Wilson's would-be assailant progresses, the film becomes more and more extreme, leading to an ending that still resonates to this day.

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