Edgar Wright And Kumail Nanjiani Made A Brussels Sprouts Bet About Oscar Nominations

the big sick eating

The celebrities involved with making some of the year's most critically acclaimed movies, tune in to hear the Oscar nominations just like the rest of us. This year, Baby Driver director Edgar Wright ultimately opted to talk a little bit about his experience with tuning in for the nominations. He discussed how his movie isn't in a genre that often gets a lot of nods, before mentioning he had a bet going with Kumail Nanjiani that if he and his wife Emily V. Gordon got an original screenplay nom, Nanjiani was going to have to eat Brussels sprouts. But don't take it from me. Here's what Wright had to say about the dreaded vegetables:

Depending on your personal feelings regarding Brussels sprouts, this may be a cold, texturally unappealing bet if you were to lose. I'm assuming that's also how Kumail Nanjiani feels about Brussels sprouts, as the bet would unlikely have been about Brussels sprouts had those been a vegetable The Big Sick actor actually enjoyed. When the nominations came in for the Oscars yesterday, The Big Sick was nominated for Best Original Screenplay, along with Get Out, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Therefore, Nanjiani lost the bet.

Following the Brussels sprouts loss, Kumail Nanjiani also took to Twitter where he revealed his exact feelings on Brussels sprouts and what he will be doing in the aftermath of losing the bet:

Edgar loves brussel sprouts.I hate brussel sprouts.Tonight I will be eating a bowl of brussel sprouts and enjoying it for the first time.

On the bright side, the end result is that The Big Sick did earn a nomination, which is pretty freaking cool. We haven't heard about any other bets that went down regarding certain Oscars categories; regardless, several of the people who have been nominated for awards have spoken out on social media about how good it feels. (Then again, they probably didn't have to force feed themselves Brussels sprouts after earning a nom.) This includes Jordan Peele, who had a lot of thoughtful things to say, as well as an admission about ugly crying, after Get Out and some of the people involved with the flick were nominated for Academy Awards.

There were plenty of surprises and snubs that came out of this year's nominations, but we'll have to wait a little while longer to see who will ultimately take home the trophies in categories as varied as Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and many, many more. The Oscars will finally hit our TV's on March 4 over at ABC. To take a look at all of the nominees hoping to take home one of the coveted awards, here's the full list of Academy Awards nominees.

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