People Apparently Think The Winchester Movie Is About The Supernatural Characters


There's a new movie coming out this weekend called Winchester that is full of scary ghosts. If that was all you knew, and you were a fan of a certain CW television show, you might draw the incorrect conclusion that the movie is about a pair of monster hunting brothers. The folks behind the Winchester movie recently took to social media to clarify that Sam and Dean Winchester, the lead characters of the TV show Supernatural, are not part of the new movie. Though, even the movie seems to know that if the brothers were in the film, it would really change things in unexpected ways. According to one post on the official Winchester Twitter feed...

No, the brothers do not show up in Winchester. This is a feature-length movie, not a short film and if they teamed up with Sarah the three would wrap things up in minutes.

Winchester is actually about Sarah Winchester, the heir to the Winchester rifle company who spent 38 years having constant construction done on her home in San Jose, CA. The house is now a tourist attraction known as the Winchester Mystery House. While the exact reason for the constant construction is disputed, the popular legend is that she believed she was cursed by spirits. The new horror movie which stars Helen Mirren in the lead role clearly takes this idea as its launching point for what is hopefully a solid horror movie. If you're curious what the movie is really about, check out the trailer below.

It's not clear how much actual confusion there is among movie and TV fans and how much the Winchester Twitter account is just having fun. But we're sure that a lot of Supernatural fans certainly think of the series first whenever they hear the name Winchester, and may have become very excited the first time they heard of a Winchester movie. The show has been on the air for 13 seasons so far and you don't get longevity like that without a passionate fan base. The series follows Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers raised as "hunters" who work to hunt and kill every form of other-worldly creature and entity imaginable. They've taken on ghosts and other spirits on numerous occasions, so, they would surely be a help to Sarah and her haunted house if they were there. Although, the legend states that Sarah was cursed by all the spirits killed by Winchester rifles, so Sam and Dean would need to salt and burn a lot of bones to deal with this haunting.

Supernatural has been known to break the fourth wall on occasion so one wonders if the series might reference the movie in some future episode. While the series hasn't been officially renewed for a 14th season yet, there's no indication it's planning to wrap up soon, so maybe we could get a Helen Mirren appearance on the show down the road.

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