Watch Sam And Dean Plot A Doomed Escape In Exclusive Supernatural Season 12 Deleted Scene

Sam and Dean had to face some very human threats as well as all the regular monsters in Supernatural Season 12. The British Men of Letters came on the scene in a big way, and they showed their true colors by the end of the season when they brainwashed Mary into hunting and killing the rest of the American hunters. The Brits took Sam and Dean out of action for a while when they trapped the boys (and Lady Toni) in the bunker in "There's Something About Mary." In an exclusive deleted scene from the Season 12 Blu-ray/DVD set, we see Sam and Dean plotting a doomed escape from the bunker. Check it out!

In "There's Something About Mary," the Winchesters had a showdown with a group of Brits in the bunker. When a brainwashed Mary showed up on the side of the British Men of Letters, the tide of the battle turned, and Ketch was able to lock the boys and Lady Toni down in the bunker with a finite amount of air and the water shut off. Basically, by the time they get to where they are in the deleted scene, Sam and Dean are pretty anxious to escape from the bunker before they run out of air.

Unfortunately, Lady Toni isn't especially helpful to the escape effort in this deleted scene. Dean is trying to find a cell signal to call an ally for help, and Sam is optimistically aiming to rewire the main circuit in the bunker to restore power and allow them to unlock the doors. Toni then dropped the bombshell that the Brits had meticulously planned this trap to cripple all of their escape attempts before they even start. They're truly cut off from the outside world, and Toni seems resigned to her fate of dying due to lack of oxygen in a bunker with the Winchesters.

Of course, neither the Winchesters nor Lady Toni ultimately died due to lack of oxygen, and the boys found a pretty epic (and totally desperate) means of escape in the next episode. Sam and Dean at least will be back in the not-too-distant future for a new batch of adventures. Executive producer Robert Singer has revealed that the scale will be a bit smaller in Season 13, and there will be some changes to the cast with Crowley gone and Castiel as we knew him seemingly dead (for now). A spinoff is in the works as well as a Scooby-Doo episode, so the new season should definitely be worth watching.

Supernatural Season 12 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, September 5, and you can find it on Amazon and many other retailers. You'll find all 23 episodes of Season 12 and some exciting special features. There will be more than four hours of bonus content, including deleted scenes like Sam and Dean in the bunker and three brand new Winchester mythology features. Be sure to check it out.

Sam and Dean will return for Supernatural Season 13 on Thursday, October 12 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more premiere dates, be sure to drop by our handy fall TV premiere guide.

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