The Deleted Scenes That Are Actually On The Justice League Home Release

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Zack Snyder's Justice League evolved quite a bit over the course of the DCEU film's development and production. In fact, numerous scenes shown in trailers ultimately never made it to the final version of the project, leading many to wonder what deleted scenes would end up on the home release. On that note, we have officially seen the Justice League bonus footage included in the home edition, and the two scenes included in the release are very Superman-centric.

The first deleted scene included in the Justice League home release is an extended version of a sequence already shown online. Specifically, it's the moment in which Henry Cavill's Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude to get a new suit to wear in the battle against Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). In this longer iteration of the scene, we still get to see him walk by a set of Kryptonian battle armor and the black suit, but we also get a shot of his final (and much more colorful) choice of outfit that resembles his original costume seen in the previous films. From there, the deleted scene echoes a famous shot from Man of Steel in which the Man of Tomorrow emerges from the Fortress while bathed in light and ready for battle.

The second deleted scene focusing on the return of Superman presumably takes place shortly after the Fortress of Solitude scene. It involves the Last Son of Krypton showing up at the lakeside estate of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) to see an awe-struck Alfred (Jeremy Irons) working on a car. The two share a brief exchange, and Alfred eventually utters the "He said you'd come. Now let's hope you're not too late" line from one of Justice League's earlier trailers. Now we can officially confirm that it's Superman on the receiving end of that line.

Arguably the biggest takeaway from these Justice League deleted scenes is the fact that Superman's return to action originally received more screentime than the theatrical release led us to believe. When fans first got a chance to see the movie, the Man of Steel just bid farewell to Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and made a promise to return from the climactic battle. In this version, audiences get more of an explanation as to how he gets a new suit, and how Superman actually meets Alfred -- which is a critical introduction on the road to setting up a World's Finest partnership. There's a long debate to be had over how essential these scenes are to the final cut of the movie, but for die-hard DC fans, it's hard to deny that they're just really cool to see.

Justice League is now available on Digital HD, while the Blu-ray edition of the film is currently available for pre-order and will hit shelves next month on March 13. Looking beyond the DC team's first solo movie, make sure to watch out for James Wan's Aquaman when Arthur Curry's standalone movie debuts in theaters later this year on December 21.

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