Will Smith Has A Special Message For Everyone Involved With Black Panther

Now that Ryan Coogler's Black Panther has debuted in theaters and turned into a massive hit, a lot of Hollywood insiders have come out of the woodwork to heap praise upon the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe offering. Some of these remarks have come from MCU mainstays like Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt, while others have come from DCEU figures like Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins. Now it looks like Will Smith has his own heartfelt message for the cast and crew of Black Panther, as the I Am Legend and Suicide Squad star took to social media to share his thoughts on the film. Check out the video, below.

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So, it seems fairly evident that Will Smith enjoyed himself while watching Black Panther. He uses that brief video to shout out most of the principal cast and director Ryan Coogler, and he makes a clear point to emphasize the film's potential ability to change the entertainment landscape. Black Panther is the first major Marvel movie fronted by a black hero, and based on Will Smith's remarks in that segment, he seems to think that the film's success could go on to have a far-reaching impact on the way Hollywood treats diversity in the development of its blockbusters.

In addition to that video praising Black Panther, Will Smith also added some kind words in the caption of the Instagram post, as well. Specifically, he brought up some remarks made to him by Nelson Mandela about the importance of authenticity and feeling real for fans -- which is something that Smith seems to think Black Panther has done.

As far as comic book movies go, Will Smith definitely knows what he's talking about on this topic. He has done his work in the genre before, with work on the Men in Black series, as well as his work playing Deadshot in 2016's Suicide Squad. Still, even with that wealth of experience under his belt, he seems to have profound respect and appreciation for what Black Panther has done in the genre and the Hollywood landscape as a whole.

Of course, even without Will Smith's kind words towards Black Panther and the folks behind the film, the numbers still speak for themselves. Ryan Coogler's Marvel solo movie has made unprecedented money in under a week, and the film has garnered nearly universal positive reviews from critics. Black Panther's theatrical run still has plenty of gas left in the tank, so we will have to see what happens as it continues to screen for audiences.

If you have not seen the film for yourself yet, then check out CinemaBlend's in-depth review of Black Panther, and then head over to the theater to check it out. We will bring you more information related to Black Panther as news about T'Challa's corner of the MCU becomes available and be sure to watch out for the Wakandan hero's next MCU appearance when Avengers: Infinity War debuts on May 4.

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