Avengers: Infinity War's Final Trailer Gives Us The Closest Look At Thanos' Black Order

Ebony Maw torturing Doctor Strange

The Black Order with Loki

It is a very exciting time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio is still riding the high of Black Panther's massive box office and critical success, with the next MCU installment being one of the biggest films of all time. Avengers: Infinity War will arrive next month, uniting every major character in the battle against Josh Brolin's Thanos. But Thanos isn't invading the planet alone, as he'll have help in the form of his terrifying Black Order. The Black Order is one of the most mysterious aspects of Infinity War, but luckily the fantastic final trailer changed that. We got our best look at the group of villains, and it looks like the heroes are going to have their hands full.

The best look at the Black Order comes midway through the trailer, revealing that the group captures Tom Hiddleston's Loki sometime during the film's runtime. Loki took the Tesseract out of Asgard before its destruction in Thor: Ragnarok, which puts him on Thanos' list of targets once he comes looking for the Infinity Stones. By the look of the quartet of new characters, Loki doesn't have much hope in fighting back or escaping.

On the left side of Loki we can see the character Proxima Midnight, who is the only female of the group. Proxima is Thanos' most adept fighter, and is absolutely deadly with the spear that is currently aimed at Loki's head. It's currently unclear who is playing the villain, as the makeup makes her almost undistinguishable. Loki is flanked on the other side by Corvus Glaive, another one of Thanos' children. Corvus is immortal while wielding his weapon, so the Avengers are going to have to separate him from it in order to take him down.

Ebony Maw torturing Doctor Strange

This scary guy is none other than Ebony Maw, another one of Thanos' Black Order that gets a special moment in the final trailer. He'll be played by actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, and it seems like Doctor Strange is his target during Infinity War. Ebony Maw no doubt is attempting to procure the the Eye of Agamotto aka the Time Stone from the good doctor. This may be what gets Doctor Strange involved in the conflict against Thanos, and we're also shown him collaborating with the likes of Spider-Man and Star-Lord throughout the course of the trailer.

The big guy in the Black Order is Black Dwarf, who is anything but. He'll be the big hitter of the group, and in the comics he's the first member of the Order to travel to Wakanda. It's unclear if that storyline will continue in the film, as Wakanda is the setting for the biggest battle in MCU history. Maybe Black Dwarf originally gets his ass handed to him, before he rallied the troops to invade the technologically advanced country.

All will be revealed when Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters April 27, 2018-- pre-order your tickets here. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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