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Most of us probably played a lot of tag as kids. However, most of us probably stopped before we became adults. Maybe we're missing out on something, as playing tag as grownups looks like fun. At least, it does in the trailer for Tag, a new movie about a group of friends who has been playing tag for 30 years. Check out the -- apparently -- based on a true story trailer, below.

We open with Jeremy Renner's character in Tag getting married, and the ceremony being punctuated by Ed Helms' failed attempt to tag him right after he kissed the bride. At least he waited until the ceremony was ending. However, the game of tag played by these characters, that includes Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress, and Isla Fisher, is so over the top that interrupting a wedding is about the least intrusive thing that happens. We see people tagging each other during childbirth and following funerals where somebody's dad died. This game is extreme.

The movie is based on a Wall Street Journal article about adults playing tag. One has to wonder if this movie is successful, will it lead to the game becoming popular among other adults? Clearly, the game can get serious, as Jeremy Renner broke both his arms just filming the movie about it.

While most of the fun appears to be about a game of tag, the heart of the story is about a longstanding friendship between this group that has continued to play the game for three decades. Jeremy Renner's character wants to stop playing, potentially making this game that we're watching potentially the last one this group of friends will ever play. Since these friends have been playing together for 30 years they have remained close for 30 years. There's a potentially touching angle attached to what looks like an otherwise ridiculous comedy.

The tag playing aspect also looks to add some fun action. We see Jeremey Renner pulling off moves that wouldn't be out of place for Hawkeye in an Avengers movie, which is mildly ironic considering we have yet to see Jeremey Renner actually do anything as Hawkeye in Avengers: Infinity War. At least Renner fans will have one movie where they know they'll be able to see him do some cool stuff on the big screen.

Tag looks like it could be a lot of fun. It's got a solid ensemble cast and a premise that, while simple, can appeal to a lot of people. Every summer seems to have one comedy that attracts a strong audience and perhaps this summer Tag will be that comedy.