What Mark Hamill Wants To See From Force Ghosts In The Next Star Wars Movie

Force Ghost Obi-Wan

Force Ghosts are a key part of the Jedi mythology. After a Jedi masters a certain technique, when they die, they retain their individuality and are capable of manifesting in the physical world as a spirit, rather than just becoming one with the Force. It's something fans have seen many times, most prominently from Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original trilogy. While Force Ghosts are mostly harmless, Mark Hamill is suggesting that they should live up to the fact that they are ghosts, and have an edge of horror to them.

You know what I'd love to see? A Force Ghost that's, like, actually frightening. Not somebody that's beatifically smiling down from the clouds or coming to give exposition -- you know, a ghost is scary! But we'll see. My work here is done.

When a Force Ghost arrives on the scene, it's typically a good thing. Not only is it a friendly face essentially back from the dead to give some advice, but it's also the return of a beloved character, like Yoda in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But what if they were also scary as hell? That idea comes from Mark Hamill, who thinks it'd be interesting to see ForceGghosts as if they were actual ghosts: haunting figures with elements of horror.

While talking with IGN, Mark Hamill was asked what he would like to see from the franchise, now that it's able to branch out thanks to the Star Wars Story series. The actor answered that it'd be interesting to see scary Force ghosts, rather than see the same old benevolent exposition dumps. A horror-tinged Star Wars film is absolutely a cool idea that no doubt lots of fans would pay to see, given just how popular horror films have become at the box office in recent years. Evil Force ghosts are probably not the way to g, but there are plenty of other avenues for Star Wars horror.

While on the subject of Force ghosts, Mark Hamill revealed he has no idea if he is coming back as one in Star Wars: Episode IX. Luke Skywalker as Force Ghost is a popular fan theory, but only time will tell if Luke does make his big return. Hamill didn't want Luke to die in The Last Jedi originally, so hopefully he gets a chance to reprise his iconic role one more time.

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