SNL's Kate McKinnon May Be Joining Danny Boyle's Next Movie

Kate McKinnon

Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon is poised to have a breakout comedy film one of these days. She continually knockd it out of the park on SNL with her impressions and original characters, and she's been steadily building up her film career while on hiatus. It looks like McKinnon may have found her next project and it comes from director Danny Boyle. And no, it's not James Bond, but that would be epic. McKinnon is in talks to join an untitled comedy project that will be written by Richard Curtis.

Danny Boyle has a lot of attention right now thanks to the news that he is the frontrunner to direct the long-gestating 25th James Bond movie. The director is trying to nail down the script first before making an official commitment, but he also revealed that he would be working on a film written by Richard Curtis first. Some details about that project have been revealed and it looks like this is the movie that Kate McKinnon is in talks to join.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kate McKinnon is in negotiations to join an untitled comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis. Practically nothing is known about the movie, but it will be musically themed and will either take place in the 1960s or 70s. Baby Driver's Lily James is the only other name attached to the project so far. McKinnon's character is reportedly a talent agent while James plays a teacher.

While Danny Boyle isn't really known for comedies, writer Richard Curtis is more than familiar with the romantic comedy genre. He wrote the script for popular films like Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and About Time. Boyle lives more in the drama world, but his films often do have elements of humor. It would still be a solid get for Kate McKinnon, who has been building up her resume with supporting roles. She's appeared in movies such as Rough Night, Office Christmas Party, and a lead role in the Ghostbusters reboot. And while it's no James Bond, but McKinnon is getting a taste of the spy genre in the upcoming comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me, which she stars in alongside Mila Kunis.

Kate McKinnon's commitment to SNL means that it's tough for her to schedule bigger movie roles, but once she eventually leaves the sketch comedy show, she's got a big movie career ahead of her. While some of the films she's appeared in haven't been great as a whole, she's always a bright spot.

You can next see Kate McKinnon in The Spy Who Dumped Me, which arrives in theaters on August 3, 2018. For more movies hitting theaters, here's our 2018 movie release guide.

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