The Bellas are back... at least, sort of. Just a few months after Pitch Perfect 3 hit theaters, the ladies have already reunited: this time for cast member Chrissie Fit's birthday celebration. In real life, the ladies dress a little differently than their Pitch Perfect counterparts, and if you'd like to check out their fashion choices, as well as relive the bit reunion celebration, you can do so through the image, below. Take a look.

Muthahfuckin MAGIC!

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Chrissie Fit turns 33 this week, and over the weekend she reunited with some of The Bellas for a big birthday celebration. Her co-star Anna Kendrick took to Instagram to share details about the event. The deck of cards in the first image is fitting, considering the celebration happened at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, a castle-like structure that also can feature dinner and mingling with legitimate magicians. Although Chrissie Fit only became a Bella in Pitch Perfect 2, plenty of the OG Pitch Perfect ladies also attended her gathering, including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow also attended the party.

The gals later took a goofy photo to celebrate the occasion, along with the earlier magic-oriented one.


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As for why this reunion is spectacular? It could be the closest thing we'll get to an actual Pitch Perfect 4. Many of the ladies involved seem keen to actually do another movie; Anna Kendrick has been particularly vocal of her enjoyment of filming with the ladies in the image above, plus some who are not pictured. She spoke out previously and her enthusiasm knew no bounds. She said:

Hell, yeah! We'd do them forever.

However, it should be noted that Universal sort of touted the third movie as the last outing for The formerly-of Barden Bellas. The tagline for the last movie was "last call, Pitches," which indicates a finale. In fact, all of the ladies had sort of moved on and explained their future goals and gigs at the end of the movie, so everything had wrapped up in a significant way by the credits. Then, there's the fact the movie only made a little under $184 million worldwide. That number doesn't look so bad when you consider the $45 million production budget for the movie. It clearly made money, but it does look a bit like law of diminishing returns. Pitch Perfect 2 was the peak of the franchise, making $287 million worldwide; 3 did less well in comparison.

We'll keep you posted if Universal decides to go back to the drawing board and sign on for a different movie, perhaps a spinoff of sorts? In the meantime, you can take a look at what else the studio has hitting theaters in 2018 with our full schedule.

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