Fifty Shades Of Grey DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Set, Unrated Edition With Alternate Ending Announced

Fifty Shades Of Grey Unrated is coming! The Fifty Shades Of Grey DVD and Blu-ray release date has been set, as well as the Digital HD release date. Those who've been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch the film from the comfort of their living rooms will have the chance to do so May 1 when the digital release becomes available for purchase. The DVD and Blu-ray release is set for Friday, May 8.

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Leaving the theater after screening Fifty Shades, the first thing I heard someone say is "When is this movie coming out on DVD." Given the popularity of the romance movie, many fans are surely waiting for their chance to buy it and bask in the turmoil of Christian and Ana's love story over and over again. Well the wait really isn't so bad, as May is only a little over a month away. Given that Fifty Shades of Grey is still technically playing in theaters, it's evident Universal isn't looking to make fans of the adaptation of E.L. James' popular novel wait very long to own the movie. What's more, they're only putting a week between the digital release (May 1) and the Blu-rayDVD/On Demand release (May 8).

Along with the above box art, the featurette below was also released today...

So what exactly can we expect from this alternate ending? Will it change the ending of the story -- or technically, the first part of this story -- drastically? Perhaps it'll offer a bit more closure to Part 1 of this tale than the theatrical version does? Or maybe it's more footage from the final scene of the film. We'll have to wait and see.

The unrated version will be included with both the digital HD and the Blu-ray. Beyond the mentioned alternate ending and the mention of "almost two hours of all-new bonus features that go behind the scenes of this year’s hottest romance," Universal Pictures Home Entertainment doesn't go into any specifics on what else the unrated edition might include, in terms of the potential for additional footage elsewhere in the movie. But the listed Run Time for the Blu-ray is 2 hours, 6 minutes/2 hours 9 minutes, the former being the theatrical version and the latter, presumably, the unrated edition. So three minutes may be about it.

The Blu-ray bonus features also include a "World of Fifty Shades of Grey" bonus feature, which focuses on creating the setting and characters. There will also be a feature called "E.L. James & Fifty Shades," which features the author of the book. Another feature ("Fifty Shades: The Pleasure of Pain") will include a chat with a BDSM consultant. Additional features include set tours, music videos and a behind the scenes look at The Weeknd's "Earned it" video.

Those eager to pre-order Fifty Shades of Grey -- assuming you haven't already -- can find it available at Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere.

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