Even Robert Downey Jr. Doesn't Know How Avengers: Infinity War Ends

Tony Stark

Marvel Studios took every precaution to prevent spoilers while making Avengers: Infinity War. Trailers have only unveiled the bare essentials, the cast was given limited information, and the directors even went as far as to ask fans to control themselves and not actively try to spoil the movie on the internet. This secrecy is part of the reason the movie has such buzz right now, but fans aren't the only ones in the dark. Many in the cast aren't totally sure what happens in Infinity War and not even Robert Downey Jr. knows the ending of the movie. According to the man behind Iron Man...

Marvel hasn't even told me what the end of this movie is. I have been seeing fans queue up from 10 in the morning - I really appreciate that. If I was walking the red carpet and if they were not around, I would cry.

The press tour for Infinity War has been in full swing for a little while now, with the stars and makers of the movie traveling all over the world to hype up viewers before April 27. That doesn't mean that people aren't being as tight-lipped as possible, but it's tough to spoil a movie when you, well, don't know any spoilers. Several stars of the movie have opened up about what it was like to be on the especially secretive set. Most of the cast only received pages of the script that were related to their character, and reportedly only Benedict Cumberbatch read the entire thing. That even extends to Robert Downey Jr., who has admitted to not knowing what happens at the end of the superhero epic.

Speaking with NDTV while promoting Infinity War in Singapore, Robert Downey Jr. said that Marvel hasn't told him how the movie ends. Downey could just be lying to lessen the chances that he spoils something to the press, but this does sync with what we've heard from other cast members about how they were kept in the dark. Tom Holland, for instance, has said Marvel wouldn't tell him anything about the movie other than what Spider-Man was doing.

If Downey is telling the truth, then that would mean Iron Man isn't present during the ending, right? If he didn't film the ending then he wouldn't know the ending. Does that mean that some fan theories will end up true and Tony Stark won't survive to see Avengers 4? Death of favorite characters is a real possibility in Infinity War, but there could be other reasons Stark isn't there. Maybe he's lost in space or in a coma or something. Either way, this should get some real heat to those internet theories.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in less than one week on April 27. To help make this week as fast as possible, bone up on your Avengers knowledge with our What We Know So Far guide.

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