Spoiler Warning: I don't know anything about this movie, but spoilers for those who don't even want a hint of what might happen.

It's less than two weeks until Avengers: Infinity War finally arrives in theaters and we know maybe a handful of details about the movie. While there's a basic logline, the Russo Brothers implied that wasn't even the "true plot" of the movie, so who knows what going on here. When you have a movie this secretive, with fans this excited, there's going to be way more rumor than fact leading up to the release date. However, even the craziest of rumors can have a grain of truth to them.

There's been no shortage of rumors surrounding Avengers: Infinity War over the years, and while a fair portion of them are beyond crazy, some of them are pretty believable. It's that believability that makes a rumor so enticing! The plot may be a mystery but based on what we do know, these are the rumors we think will actually come true in Avengers: Infinity War.

There Will Be No Big Thanos Battle

Before you take off to the comments section let me explain! Thanos will obviously fight the Avengers. We know for a fact that he fights Iron Man's team in space and Captain America's team in Wakanda. What I'm saying is there won't be a battle between all of Earth's heroes fighting Thanos at once. That's going to be saved for Avengers 4 when Thanos has a completed Infinity Gauntlet. Or at least, so the rumor goes. This makes sense to me. Infinity War is bound to have tons of spectacle, but it still needs to build up to Avengers 4, which is the true conclusion to this iteration of the MCU. Something massive needs to happen in the final movie of Phase 3, so it's possible that Marvel is saving this particular fight for next year.

Hawkeye Will Become Ronin

The absence of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in all of the marketing material for Infinity War has led to more fans paying attention to Hawkeye since, well, ever. Rumor has it that the reason Hawkeye is MIA is that he's on an important solo mission, and thanks to some leaked set pics, people think that Clint Barton will be operating under the ninja persona of Ronin. For what purpose he would do this is unclear, but it seems likely. There must be a reason that Hawkeye doesn't show up in any trailers and it might be because Hawkeye is technically not in the movie; Ronin is.

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