Who Peter Dinklage Actually Plays In Avengers: Infinity War

Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones

The following contains a big spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War that deals with a major plot point in the story. Do not read on if you don't want to know.

It's been a while since it was reported that Peter Dinklage had a part in the massive superhero team-up Avengers: Infinity War. At the time, there were only rumors about what part the Game of Thrones actor would play. However, now that the movie has arrived in theaters, the mysterious role has finally been revealed. Needless to say, it was not the character that we were expecting.

The main rumor leading into Avengers: Infinity War had been that Peter Dinklage would be playing the part of the MCU's Pip the Troll, a diminutive character who has a long history working with cosmic Marvel characters, like Thanos and his ilk. It was a rumor that made sense, considering the other characters that were appearing in Infinity War, and well, since the actor frequently gets roles where his height is important to the part, it would not have been surprising. The spoilers are coming.

However, in a massive play against type, Peter Dinklage ended up playing one of the physically largest characters we've yet seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He appeared as Eitri, one of the Dwarves of Nidavellir, and a master weaponsmith, who Thor seeks out to find a weapon capable of defeating Thanos. Eitri was, after all, the one who forged Thor's hammer Mjolnir in the first place.

Eitri King of Dwarves

When the trio of Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrive at Nidavellir, floating in space surrounding a star, which is used to power the forge, they find it nearly deserted. Only Eitri still lives, and from him, they learn Thanos had already been there, slaughtered the rest of the dwarves, and forced Eitri to fashion the Infinity Gauntlet so that Thanos would have the power to control the Infinity Stones.

What makes the role almost humorous is that Eitri, is huge. Traditionally, Eitri is portrayed in the comics as a more or less traditional fantasy style dwarf, shorter, if broader, than your average human. However, in the MCU it seems that the dwarves of Nidavellir are all massive. While he only shares the screen with Thor, Rocket and Groot, he is several times larger than Thor, and would likely be physically taller than both Hulk and Thanos. For the first time, Peter Dinklage gets to be the biggest guy in a movie.

It's a great role, and one that plays a key part in the story of Avengers: Infinity War. The specific purpose of the part would make it unlikely we'll see a lot more of Peter Dinklage in the MCU, but we can certainly hope somebody else will need a powerful weapon at some point in the future. There is certainly a lot of fighting left to do.

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