Spoiler Warning: This article contains huge spoilers for the events of Avengers: Infinity War (duh). Don't read this until you've seen the movie! You have been warned.

Much of the conversation about Avengers: Infinity War has revolved around how big it is, how epic it is, and how dark it is -- especially when it comes to the ending. Indeed the movie is all of these things, but one thing I don't think is getting quite as much attention is just how damn funny Infinity War is. This is a Marvel movie, after all, and while things get real serious when they need to, it's still filled with laugh out loud jokes. I can't stress how deeply entertaining Avengers: Infinity War can be and the movie is jam-packed with great character moments and jokes that help to brighten the darkness.

One of the things the people love most about Avengers movies is seeing different characters interact with each other. The sparks that fly often result in some of the funniest moments of the films and Infinity War is filled with big personalities and egos that are bouncing off of each other for the first time. It makes for an entertaining blockbuster, and Avengers: Infinity War is definitely that. With this in mind, these are 11 of the funniest moments ranked in no particular order.

"It's Like A Pirate And An Angel Had A Baby"

Following his encounter with Thanos, Thor is left stranded in space. The Guardians of the Galaxy come to his rescue and it becomes clear that Peter Quill is the only one who isn't impressed with the Asgardian. Drax is especially fascinated with Thor, calling him a "man" compared to Quill being just a "guy." Drax later goes one step further, saying that Thor looks like the child between an angel and a pirate, a surprisingly spot-on comparison. This all only fuels Quill to further flex his alpha dog muscles later on.

"We're All Gonna Die!"

You just can't beat a good sidekick. While on a school excursion, Peter Parker sees The Black Order's Q-Ship hovering over Manhattan. Knowing he has to leap into action as Spider-Man, Peter gets the attention of his best friend and Guy-in-the-Chair Ned Leeds and asks him to cause a distraction so that he can slip out. Without missing a beat, Ned screams, "We're all gonna die!" All the kids on the bus crowd to one half to look at the spaceship while Peter makes his exit. On the sad side of things, Ned wasn't entirely off base here...

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