Brie Larson’s Showing Off Serious Skills In Captain Marvel Training Video

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War! Do not read ahead until you've seen it.

In the post-credits scene to Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel was basically teased as the potential savior of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the countless citizens of the universe who fell when Thanos snapped his fingers. So needless to say, expectations are high that when Captain Marvel makes her debut next March, she will be the hero the MCU needs. Before then, actress Brie Larson is working hard to live up to the role, putting in the gym time necessary to be the Captain Marvel we deserve. You can take a look at her showing off her skills and what goes in to being a superhero in the training video below.

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If there's one thing that is going to make the difference in defeating Thanos, and something the Hulk & Co. might have slacked on, it's leg day. Truthfully, these barbell overhead walking lunges are a whole body workout and you can tell how intense and focused Brie Larson is while doing them in this Instagram post. She's hitting depth too, not cheating or taking shortcuts. That's very Captain Marvel to do things the right way. While major stars like Brie Larson have stunt doubles to make them look good in action scenes, they still have to look the part and be believable as strong, capable heroes and that usually involves a tough diet and workout regimen, one that Brie Larson looks to be excelling at.

One cool thing about this is that for years we saw physical transformations from the likes of Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck and other male actors as they put on muscle for their superhero roles, but now with more female superheroes making their way to the big screen, we are seeing that women can also bring a strength and physicality to these parts. Actresses like Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider and Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman and now Brie Larson are setting a new standard for what heroes can look like. However, as the Hulk found out, strength alone will not be enough to stop Thanos, so hopefully, Captain Marvel is bringing some serious fighting skills and energy blasts to the table.

If fans were excited about Captain Marvel before Infinity War, they are infinitely more so after it. The post-credits scene found Nick Fury basically throwing up a Hail Mary page to Carol Danvers right as Thanos wiped out half the universe, Avengers included. This sets her up to be a huge deal in Avengers 4, a film that she has been confirmed to appear in. No disrespect to Ant-Man and the Wasp, but it's hard to argue that the newness and potential of Captain Marvel doesn't make that the most anticipated non-Avengers MCU film as we begin the year-long road to Avengers 4.

Captain Marvel is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and blasts into theaters on March 8th, 2019. To see movies hitting theaters a little bit sooner, check our 2018 release schedule and for more helpful reminders to get into summer shape very soon, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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