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Avengers: Infinity War

WARNING: SPOILERS to follow for Avengers: Infinity War! You've been warned.

One of the biggest questions we had leading in to Avengers: Infinity War wasn't even technically about that movie. Instead we were wondering about the title to Avengers 4, presuming that knowledge might have revealed more about Infinity War and the future of the MCU. Now that we are in a post-Infinity War world, we are still looking for answers that might point us in the right direction. However, while we are no closer to knowing what the title is, we are closer to knowing what it is not. The Russo brothers have revealed that the title of Avengers 4 isn't spoken in Avengers: Infinity War.

This is a major clue in that it eliminates a couple of what we assumed were the most likely possible candidates. In our speculation piece about possible Avengers 4 titles, we put forth Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet and Avengers: Endgame as likely options. Having seen Infinity War, we now know that Thanos remains the big bad, so Infinity Gauntlet seemed plausible, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige later ruled that out as a possibility. Endgame also seemed likely given that we heard the title will scare us and Doctor Strange's proclamation that they are "in the endgame now" was definitely ominous. This criterion rules that out though as well. So I guess now I just need to cross-reference a copy of the script with a dictionary of the English language and eliminate the duplicates, and that should give us a tidy list to work with.

To be honest, I thought that these two were some of the frontrunners, so this certainly opens up the possibilities of what Avengers 4's title could be, and now we can't even scour the dialogue of Infinity War for direction. However, the Russo Brothers did offer up another clue to the title of Avengers 4 in their chat with Uproxx, with Anthony Russo saying:

It's certainly grounded in the narrative that we have been following throughout the MCU -- very well grounded...

That is certainly interesting. We know that while Infinity War is the beginning of the end, Avengers 4 is the end of the end, the culmination of Phase Three and the MCU era that began with Iron Man. So perhaps it is actually quite simple, harkening back to the idea of this shared cinematic universe in the first place; something like Avengers: Assemble would certainly fit the bill. Avengers: Disassembled has also been guessed and that would be ominous, but Assemble would actually make more sense given the presumed plot. The Avengers were already disassembled in Infinity War, with the core group still split after the events of Civil War. In order to undo Thanos' finger snap and resurrect all of their fallen comrades, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and the rest of them will have to come together and assemble one last time. Maybe that's not it (especially since that's what 2012's The Avengers was titled in the UK), but I suspect that the answer is probably right in front of us and we're just missing it.

Kevin Feige has spoken about how changing the title of Avengers 4 from Infinity War Part II has backfired, with fans now expecting an Earth-shattering reveal that it could never possibly live up to. Yet what's done is done, and now the speculation will continue until the reveal, a reveal that the Russo Brothers have said we'll be waiting quite a while for.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now, and Avengers 4 arrives, presumably with a title, on May 3, 2019. For all the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all your movie news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.