Charles Xavier a.k.a. Professor X

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will presumably be the first full X-Men movie where James McAvoy sports the chrome dome playing Charles Xavier a.k.a. Professor X -- but that's not really the standout element of what he'll be going through in the film. Instead, audiences will get to see the brilliant professor regress a little bit, once again showing the swagger and confidence that was on display in X-Men: First Class.

What do we mean? Well, it's all tied into the fact that the X-Men under Professor X's leadership are global celebrities in the early 1990s, known around the world for their impressive heroics and bravery. It's been said that all of this success goes to Charles' head a little bit, and leads him to start making some rash decisions. For example, he doesn't take enough consideration when he decides to send his young team of mutants into outer space, and the consequences of that move wind up being very severe.

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