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Deadpool 2 Wade Wilson and Cable mimicking Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam

A note to those of you who were looking forward to a rate and discuss column on Book Club: we're truly sorry, but that's not in the cards. It's not that we're writing that film off, but when you've got the return of Fox/Marvel's Deadpool franchise, that kind of jumps up the scale of importance. That said, it's time to kick down the doors, cue up the Peter Gabriel, and fire up this week's rate and discuss column, as we'll be dissecting the blockbuster opus that is Deadpool 2!

Ryan Reynolds' return to the world of superheroes and meta humor has been awaited for some time, but not nearly as long as the world had to wait for him to get the role in the first place. It seems to have paid off though, as Deadpool 2 is making a lot of critics pretty happy right now. In particular, our official review of the film had the following, advertisement friendly, pull-quote to provide:

Deadpool 2 is an outrageous, surprising, hysterical, emotional, vulgar, creative and uproarious summer blockbuster that fans of this genre -- and of comedy, in general -- will devour.

Now while we tidy up a bit around the offices, and wait for Fox to send us some Deadpool 2 goodies just for liking the movie, we're throwing the mic to you - the readers. Prepare yourselves for a superhero landing, as you provide us with your opinions in the comments section at the end of this article. While doing so, keep the following questions in mind, so as to keep your mind from wandering into any sorts of plot holes that this film may have presented itself with:

  • Which gag in Deadpool 2 made you laugh / shocked you the most?
  • Out of the three films, which was your favorite: X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, Deadpool, or Deadpool 2?
  • Do you think Deadpool 3 should be a thing, or has the second film indeed killed the franchise?
  • Select the better Josh Brolin performance: Thanos or Cable?
  • Hell, let's kick this up a notch. Which was the better movie, Avengers: Infinity War or Deadpool 2?
  • Is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants an underrated classic that explores the true fragility and friendship of female bonding, or is it a studio mandated book adaptation that only exists to convince the world that Hollywood cares about equality?
  • Do you think the more emotional subplot involving Vanessa's death worked the way that Deadpool 2 had intended?
  • In the meta spirit of Deadpool 2, do you have any questions for us involving the film?

Questions are well and good, but talk is indeed cheap. So let's get some star rating action to back those hot takes and firm opinions, as we invite you to rate Deadpool 2 in the poll below. 0 to 5 stars will do, as any more would require us to raise the budget on this article to afford Robert Downey Jr.

How Many Stars Would You Give Deadpool 2?

Finally, before we head off to Google whether or not that sick James Bond opening for Deadpool 2 is online or not, we're going to throw in some additional reading for you good folks to enjoy as you sit online for your next helping. In particular, we have one of our classic end credit scene pieces, because what's a superhero movie without six codas setting up the next twenty films? Also, if you're as curious as we were about who played the role of Juggernaut in Deadpool 2, we have answers for that too; and yes, he was referring to Professor X in that line in front of The Essex House. They're step-brothers. Last but not least, here's Ryan Reynolds discussing why he felt Deadpool 2 was too safe of a name for the second film in the franchise. Now that we think of it, Deadpool: The Second Coming would have been rather inspired.

If you're looking for more Deadpool 2 material to feast your eyes on, feel free to head over to our preview page for the film and gorge yourself. That's all for this week's Rate and Discuss column, so if you've had your fill, don't forget to take your significant other to Book Club - Peter from the X-Force certainly didn't, and you know Wade's taking Vanessa as soon as they're open! We'll see you back here next week, no matter what film you head out into the world to enjoy, as we'll be ready to discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story!