Ryan Reynolds Says Team Dropped The Ball On Naming The Movie Deadpool 2

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If there's one thing that sets Deadpool apart from other superhero franchises, it's the fact that it consistently breaks the fourth wall and makes fun of the genre as a whole. We saw that with the release of the first film back in 2016, and all eyes are on Deadpool 2 to do the same when it premieres this weekend. The film's marketing has already promised something incredibly subversive, but Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently talked about the title ending up being Deadpool 2 and joking about some of themore creative titles the team supposedly came up with. Per Reynolds:

I would say the biggest thing that we dropped the ball on is just calling it Deadpool 2. You know, I think we could've done something more to distinguish ourselves from Deadpool 1. But we definitely went back and forth about a hundred different subtitles... Escape From Unicorn Mountain, Escape From Josh Brolin's Pants, all kinds of crazy things, but yeah, we ended up with just sort of going with lazy Deadpool 2.

The title of Deadpool 2 is something that many fans and professionals talked about for quite a while before it was officially just called Deadpool 2. In fact, a running joke among some fans involved the fact that it was just being called Untitled Deadpool Sequel for a very long time. However, the film eventually landed on the traditional moniker of Deadpool 2, and Reynolds thinks that they probably could've done something a bit more interesting.

With all of that said, there's an undercurrent of sarcasm to Ryan Reynolds' remarks to BUILD. Though it arguably is somewhat surprising to see that they didn't ultimately use that real estate to pack another joke into the mix, he doesn't' actually seem mad that they opted for the numerical sequel. After all, with so many other jokes in the sequel and in the marketing leading up to the sequel, it's unlikely those involved would be accused of not trying hard enough to get laughs out of the audience. They managed that without any issues.

Deadpool 2, as it is now called, focuses on Wade Wilson as he attempts to protect a teenage boy named Russell from a mutant known as Cable in a Terminator-esque scenario. In his attempt to take on the futuristic badass, Wade forms a superhero group of his own known as X-Force -- a "derivative" take on the X-Men, albeit with far less stringent morals and a stronger tendency towards bloodshed.

Deadpool 2 will hit theaters tomorrow, so make sure to check it out when it premieres. If you're looking for more information about the film, you can also check out our Deadpool 2 review and our review roundup to get a better sense of the overall critical consensus surrounding the movie.

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