Should Deadpool Join The MCU? Rob Liefeld Has One Condition

Spider-Man and Deadpool

As Deadpool 2 cleans up at the box office, there's a bit of uncertainty surrounding the character, and the cinematic universe that he inhabits. Yes, there appear to be plans for more Deadpool stories -- be it Deadpool 3, or an X-Force movie. But what happens if the proposed merger between Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox goes through. Does the foul-mouthed Deadpool automatically join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Should he? On the latest episode of our ReelBlend podcast, we had the opportunity to ask Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld if he wants to see his creation in the MCU, and he gave his one major condition that he'd hold out for:

Only if Ryan [Reynolds] calls the shots. ... If Ryan is not the guy who is helming that ship, then who cares? If Ryan is given everything that he deserves, and they say 'You can do your own thing over here under Disney.'

Rob Liefeld puts a lot of faith into Ryan Reynolds, the leading man who has breathed life into Deadpool for two blockbuster movies... and one disaster of a failed attempt in X-Men: Origins -- Wolverine. Let's not speak about that. There has been some debate online recently -- which Liefeld has waded into -- about the need for Deadpool to maintain his R-rated humor if he were to shift over to Mouse House's audience friendly MCU. But the more Rob talked on our podcast, the more he set the stage for Deadpool eventual entrance into the Marvel sandbox, and he got us all very excited. Liefeld said:

Let's say that goes through. So, now, I can not imagine a world where the reaction -- if on stage, let's say a Hall H or a D23, clearly, one of the places this will happen, Ryan coming out as Josh [Brolin] did last year. ... Can you imagine, that same scene, Ryan walking out to shake hands with [Robert] Downey Jr.? I mean, I think the world would go bazonkers. And you know, having him interact with them, I think, is next level, billion dollar... I don't know how that doesn't work out spectacularly well.But, I'm going to go back. I really believe Ryan, who has invested so much of himself in both movies, and people don't understand -- he is all but directing these movies. This sequel, he poured everything that he could into it. And I just think they gotta... and the thing is, you look at Marvel, and there really only has been one captain of that ship. So I would hope that they go, 'Ryan, you have your own fleet of ship. They're right over here. We have the Santa Maria, and you have the S.S. Deadpool.'

It will be very interesting to see how the Fox properties are handled if a Disney deal goes through. While the Fantastic Four could really use a Marvel Studios reboot, Deadpool is locating along nicely in his well-established lane. And the X-Men/New Mutants side of the equation is really trying to keep their continuity in line. Yet another reboot on the MCU side would leave a lot of cast in jeopardy. We probably need a new Wolverine. But are Cyclops and Jean Grey, as we know them, done?

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We'll keep track of the Fox and Disney deal. What do you think? Do you think Deadpool fits in the MCU? Listen to our full conversation with Rob Liefeld on the latest ReelBlend podcast episode, in the player above.

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