The Time The Kid From Deadpool 2 Wasn't Allowed To Watch His Own Movie

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One of the notable qualities that sets the Deadpool franchise apart from other superhero films is that it eschews the typical PG-13 label in favor of hard-R ratings. That naturally implies that it's intended mainly for adults, but it also means that one of Deadpool 2's younger stars can't see it in theaters yet. Specifically, we're talking about Hunt for the Wilderpeople's Julian Dennison, who recently took the stage during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed that he's not allowed to watch the film in theaters yet, and he was actually barred from watching it at a screening that he introduced. The 15-year-old actor explained:

We got a cinema, and they're like, 'Oh, yeah. You can introduce the movie. You can do everything, but you're not allowed to watch it, and a few of my mates got kicked out of the cinema as well.

So in Julian Dennison's home country of New Zealand, Deadpool 2 is rated "R16," because of its violence, sexual content, and profanity. Of course, Julian Dennison is only 15, so he's not allowed to actually watch the movie yet -- even at screenings where he is supposed to introduce the film.

It's arguably a somewhat bizarre situation because it's not as if the rating restriction is actually preventing Julian Dennison from knowing what's in Deadpool 2. As Russell, a.k.a Firefist, he's responsible for some of the film's raunchiest jokes and some of its best one-liners. He lived those moments while performing with the eternally smart-ass Ryan Reynolds in David Leitch's sequel, so it leaves us wondering why nobody was willing to make an exception for him actually to sit in the theater and see the movie.

Check out Julian Dennison's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to hear what he specifically had to say about being barred from seeing Deadpool 2!

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool 2! You've been warned!

Of course, it's now entirely possible that Julian Dennison may stick around the Deadpool franchise and be able to see the later installments in the series. Deadpool 2 ends with the titular Merc with the Mouth walking off into the sunset with several of the film's heroes, including a newly-reformed Russell. If this X-Force lineup stays consistent in future installments, then it's worth considering the possibility that Firefist could go on to become a full-fledged hero in the R-rated side of the X-Men franchise. Nothing of that nature is officially confirmed, but if Russell does stick around, then Dennison will be able to rest easy knowing that he will be old enough to see the movie in New Zealand by then.

Deadpool 2 is currently in theaters, so check out the latest installment in the X-Men franchise to see all of the hilarious moments for yourself... if you're of age, that is.

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