Adam Levine Took A Break From The Voice To Run The Jurassic Park Ride Line

Adam Levine has been an NBC staple ever since The Voice hit the network in 2011. It's a busy gig, and Levine has participated in every season. Regardless, he took a break from his TV job recently in order to take on the role of "Shawn," just a regular weirdo working for Orlando Studios' Jurassic Park The Ride. You can take a look at the memorable results, below.

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It's sort of amazing how celebrities can don some glasses, a la Clark Kent, and maybe even a hat and a wig and totally fool people into thinking they are a totally different human. In Adam Levine's case, the disguise seemingly worked as he weirded out multiple visitors to the ride. He joked with one about being too short to get on --she's probably never heard that crack before --and he even took someone else's beer before he got on the ride. The clip pays off when Adam Levine reveals his true self to parkgoers, and they take selfies, as parkgoers are wont to do.

adam Levine Selfie on Jurassic Park Ride

I sort of love it when someone random catches on to a celebrity reveal ahead of time, but that doesn't happen here. Adam Levine does a good job of disguising his voice, as well as his overall look, and since he is doing oddball things -- like threatening to kick people out of the park -- he's not overly endearing himself to those who walk by. If you were at Universal Studios, you wouldn't be wandering around expecting to see the star of The Voice pop up as a park intern, and so it's easy to see how the trick worked.

It's smart tie-in marketing, too. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters in just a few short weeks. People are amped up about the movie, already, but having Adam Levine sweetly sing, "I'm a dinosaur" to the John Williams score is definitely a nice way to keep people invested, and to tie The Voice with Universal Studios, as well.

At the very end of the video, Shawn "quits" and heads back to work on NBC's The Voice. The winner of Season 14, Brynn Cartelli, was crowned just a few days ago, and we're assuming the video was shot as a part of the most recent season. While we are currently in the summer schedule between network primetime seasons, Season 15 is already a go at NBC, and Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be back for their fifteenth season in a row. They'll be joined by Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Luckily, that season won't go into production for a while, leaving them plenty of time to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom when it hits theaters on June 22.

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