7 DC Characters Who Could Show Up In Wonder Woman 2

There are many DCEU projects currently in development, but one of the most exciting of the bunch is Wonder Woman 2. The project will reunite original Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot for another Diana Prince adventure, and the evidence that we have suggest that we're due for something quite different from what we've seen before. Specifically, it looks like the film will take Diana Prince to the 1980s.

On that note, it's worth wondering (pun intended) what DC characters could show up in the film. We already know that Kristen Wiig is set to debut as Barbara "Cheetah" Minerva in the sequel, but the 1980s setting could serve as the springboard for plenty of other characters as well. With that in mind, we have put together a list of heroes and villains who realistically could show up in Wonder Woman 2's 1980s-set adventure on November 1, 2019, and we are going to kick things off with none other than the second Blue Beetle.

Ted Kord Blue Beetle DC Comics

Ted Kord

One of the best things about comic book universes is the fact that legacy characters can keep specific personas going for decades. We see this in print all of the time, with one of DC's most beloved legacy characters is Ted Kord a.k.a Blue Beetle. The promotional material for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suggested that Kord Industries does indeed exist in the DCEU (along with Oliver Queen's company), so it would be easy for the folks behind Wonder Woman 2 to flesh that idea out even further to introduce Kord as Beetle in the 1980s. They could then pave the way for him to potentially hand the Blue Beetle mantle off to Jaime Reyes in the present era, which is precisely what happened in Young Justice Season 2.

Vandal Savage Justice League Doom

Vandal Savage

In a DCEU movie that is going to play with a different setting than anything that we have seen before, it behooves DC to take advantage of the characters who don't age like normal humans. The Amazons already fulfill that role, but if the folks behind Wonder Woman 2 need a similarly immortal villain, then they should look at Vandal Savage. The iconic DC baddie is a hyper-intelligent caveman granted knowledge and an infinite lifespan due to exposure to the radiation of a mysterious meteorite. Many fans have already begun to theorize that Vandal Savage exists in the DCEU based off of evidence supposedly planted in Batman v Superman (though those theories have yet to receive confirmation), so he would be a natural fit for the 1980s Wonder Woman 2 setting.

Martian Manhunter DC Comics

Martian Manhunter

In all honesty, the fact that Martian Manhunter doesn't already exist in the DC Extended Universe has become a significant point of contention for some fans of the classic animated version of the Justice League. The Last Son of Mars, J'onn J'onzz is a beloved member of the comic book and animated Justice League ensemble with a wide range of powers like telepathy, flight, super strength and the ability to shapeshift. In many incarnations of DC lore, he has also been hiding on Earth for decades, which means it would not be difficult to imagine a scenario in which Diana and J'onn ran into each other sometime during the 1980s. Wonder Woman 2 would have to explain why he never resurfaced, but DC can deal with that issue later.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Hawkman And Hawkgirl

Like Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are two characters who have continuously shown up in the pages of DC Comics and the animated realm over the years. However, they haven't shown up in a live-action DC film yet. Sometimes depicted as a pair of star-crossed lovers from Ancient Egypt and sometimes portrayed as members of an alien race, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are two badass Justice League heroes who share a taste for bloodshed and an affinity for swinging maces around in combat. The two would fit nicely with Wonder Woman's sword-wielding fight sequence, and their introduction in the DCEU would go a long way towards washing away the generally poor versions of the characters seen in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1.

Doctor Fate DC Comics

Doctor Fate

The DCEU has been fairly brazen about digging into the realm of magic and mysticism, especially when compared to competitors like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-Men franchise. Magic was established in films like Suicide Squad and the original Wonder Woman, but introducing someone like Doctor Fate could go a long way towards doubling down on the presence of the occult in the DC Extended Universe. A persona adopted by whoever puts on the helmet, Fate is a classic Golden Age sorcerer and a hero whose ties to the ancient world would make him a perfect match to cross paths with Diana. After all, she does work at a museum full of interesting artifacts and trinkets.

Abin Sur Green Lantern Hal Jordan Power Ring

Abin Sur

In keeping with the theme of legacy characters seen earlier in this list, it also would make plenty of sense for Wonder Woman 2 to serve as the proper introduction of Abin Sur (also known as the predecessor of Hal Jordan) in the DCEU. Justice League established the fact that the Green Lantern Corps definitely exists in the canon of the DC Extended Universe, and Wonder Woman is well aware of the existence of alien life (she's not the least bit surprised by the presence of Parademons in Justice League), so there's plenty of room to unpack that idea and explore it further. The 1980s might be too early to bring in a human Lantern, so it would be easy to show Abin Sur protecting Sector 2814.

Zeus DC Comics


Last, but not least, we round out our list of characters who could appear in Wonder Woman 2 with none other than Diana Prince's father: Zeus. The character briefly appeared during a flashback sequence in Zack Snyder's Justice League during the initial battle against Steppenwolf, but the events of Wonder Woman made it clear that the Old Gods played a massive role in shaping what Earth would go on to become before the modern age of heroes. We don't know exactly how Zeus could return, but his potential arrival in the 1980s could be a massive moment for Wonder Woman 2 that further fleshes out the Amazon corner of the DCEU following the appearance of Ares in the first film.

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