Check Out A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Avengers: Infinity War's Battle Of Wakanda

Avengers: Infinity War was a massive movie that took a pretty emotional toll on its audience. We've seen little indication, however, of what it was like FOR the actors and crew on location. As it turns out, while the shoot was almost certainly difficult at times, it was also fun. A recently revealed behind-the-scenes photo shows directors Joe and Anthony Russo, with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, apparently having a great time on the Wakanda set of the recent film. Check it out.

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The four big names are looking at a monitor, which we can guess is playing back whatever had just been filmed. As Chris Hemsworth is on the set, it's a good guess the scene is from the latter portion of the Battle of Wakanda, after Thor has arrived with Rocket and Groot and a bright shiny new ax for cutting down bad guys. Whatever they're looking at is clearly entertaining as everybody has big smiles on their faces.

As such, it probably isn't the very end of the movie, which sees numerous people in the battle fade away to nothing. While the vanishing special effects would be added later, the rough cut probably still includes people like Sebastian Stan staggering and collapsing in death. As fictional as it may be, and as great a set of scenes as it is, watching everybody die probably wouldn't get everybody laughing quite like this.

There are numerous suggestions in the tweet's comments trying to guess what scene is being reviewed here. It could be the scene where Thor makes reference to Steve Rogers copying his beard, probably the funniest direct interaction between the two characters in the film, and thus a pretty good guess. It could also have been the moment immediately following that, where Thor introduces Rogers to Groot and we get the great "I am Steve Rogers" moment. Of course, adding to the humor, in this case, would be the fact that Chris Evans would have been talking to nothing, as Groot wouldn't be standing there until post-production was finished.

Of course, out of context, the image itself can seem pretty funny, with this crowd of people standing around laughing with each other. The land behind them is literally on fire, and yet nobody seems to notice. The Russo Brothers laughed while Wakanda burned.

Few will be laughing when they walk into Avengers 4 next May. The closing of Avengers: Infinity War was incredibly heavy and dramatic and left few smiling when it was all said and done. That's where the next movie will pick up. That's not to say Avengers 4 will be without humor. It wouldn't be a Marvel movie if it didn't have some quality laughs, and even if the jokes take the form of gallows humor, we can expect the conclusion of this story to make us laugh, whether or not the end makes us smile.

Dirk Libbey
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