Netflix's Like Father Trailer: Kelsey Grammer And Kristen Bell Star In New Boat Trip Movie

Netflix has really started amping up its original movie lineup. The subscription streaming service's star power and budgets know few limits, and we've gotten both big budget flicks like Bright and smaller budget and more emotional movies like The Fundamentals of Caring so far. Next, Netflix looks to be releasing a drama/comedy with both heart and star power, Like Father, which will star Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen. There's an f-bomb drop in the trailer, so you've been forewarned!

Like Father is a little different than a traditional rom-com. The movie will follow Kristen Bell's character after she gets left at the alter. Her estranged father will show up for this failed wedding, they'll briefly reconnect and she'll make a drunken decision to take her honeymoon with her dear old dad. Seth Rogen also plays a role in the movie, and while I'm going to call it more of a comedy than a rom-com, there are plenty of dramatic elements, as well. Although I will note there's definitely at least one hook-up in this movie with Rogen's character as she gets over the dude who recently left her.

Netflix has pushed for a lot of genre releases on the streaming service, but it's nice to see more of a heartfelt, female-geared movie nab such great talent. (Not a shot if you're a dude who wants to see this, of course.) Seth Rogen also signed a deal with Netflix earlier this year and has a comedy special, Hilarity for Charity, with the streaming service.

Kelsey Grammer is still probably best known for his work on Frasier and Cheers, and Kristen Bell has been in plenty of movies, but she's still the lady known for Veronica Mars, as well as the lead in NBC's quirky comedy The Good Place. To me, Like Father could be the perfect transition for the two actors from TV to live action streaming (Grammer also does voice work for Trollhunters on Netflix) and I'm hopeful this movie will be enjoyable. It, in fact, looks good, which is a positive sign, but we'll have to wait and see what happens when the movie actually comes out.

Like Father is heading to Netflix on August 3, and is part of a huge wave of new content over at the subscription streaming service. Netflix is still borrowing plenty of money to make this whole lineup of new movies happen, but the end result is that there are myriad choices for the consumer right now, and the price isn't breaking the bank. Not a bad deal at all, so far. To take a look at what else is heading to Netflix coming up, here's the upcoming movies schedule.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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