Jurassic Park 3 Honest Trailer Rips Into The Movie's Use Of Dinosaurs

The Jurassic Park franchise has seen a series of ups and downs over the years. The first film is clearly iconic and The Lost World: Jurassic Park has its own fair share of fans, but then there's Jurassic Park III, which has become widely regarded as the weakest of the franchise by many viewers. For some, the film is better left swept under the rug, but now an Honest Trailer has debuted that points out just how absurd the film's use of dinosaurs truly is. Check it out, below.

That video really serves as a reminder of genuinely bad Jurassic Park III is, doesn't it? From the decision to kill the T-Rex within the first few minutes of the movie to the overemphasis on the way the raptors speak, Jurassic Park III just gets so much wrong about the mythology behind the dinosaurs. Beyond that, however, this Honest Trailer also repeatedly highlights one of the worst moments of the entire Jurassic franchise: the scene in the plane where Alan Grant (Sam Neill) dreams of a raptor saying "Alan" to him.

One thing worth noting about this trailer is that it also highlights just how unintentionally meta Jurassic Park III feels in hindsight. The entire arc of Alan Grant arguably seems to echo Sam Neil's own post-Jurassic Park career, with him only returning to the fold to collect a paycheck. Beyond that, the film brings Laura Dern back as Ellie Sattler, but she quite literally phones her performance in, never actually leaving her home to go to the island and see the dinosaurs for herself. In the grand scheme of the film, she only serves to call in the military and provide Jurassic Park III with its incredibly truncated ending that seemingly comes out of nowhere after an encounter with the Spinosaurus.

Weirdly enough, despite how bad Jurassic Park III is, this video does bring up one interesting element that would've been worth exploring back when the film was in development. Specifically, it suggests that the character with the most exciting story in the movie is none other than William H. Macy's Paul Kirby, a man who cons everyone to get to the island and rescue his son, while also proving his worth to his estranged wife. We have no way of knowing if that would've made a better film, but Jurassic Park III is far from a masterpiece, so it would've been worth a shot.

With Jurassic Park III firmly in the past, the Jurassic series has now moved into the future with the Jurassic World era. That saga will continue with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which will hit theaters this weekend on June 22. If you want to learn more about the film, then make sure to check out our full review of the latest Jurassic blockbuster, and check out our review roundup to see what the overall critical consensus is!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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