There’s Already Plans For A Thai Cave Rescue Movie

Cave from Lord of the Rings

Over in Thailand, there has been a terrifying accident which procured the attention of the globe. A team of young Thai soccer players and their coach were trapped in a cave or a whopping 18 days, the first half of which they were completely on their own. The rescue mission has swept the planet, as professionals attempted to navigate the flooding caves with enough equipment to save the boys. The good news broke yesterday that all 12 players and the coach has been successfully rescued from the cave. It's a story that has inspired countless individuals, and now it looks like plans are already being set to craft the story into a movie. Here's what we know so far.

CEO and co-founder production company of Pure Flix Michael Scott (insert Office reference here) has recently spoke about the story of the trapped soccer team and the rescue efforts, which he thinks are inspirational enough to make it to the silver screen.

The bravery and heroism I've witnessed is incredibly inspiring, so, yes, this will be a movie for us.

That seems pretty cut and dry. Michael Scott told THR his plans to adapt the Thai cave story into a silver screen movie, so we'll just have to see if it happens. Things like timing are a big part of movie production, and perhaps the real-life trauma is too fresh to revisit right away. At least for now.

Pure Flix is a film studio that primarily focuses on movies about the Christian faith. The studio had some modest successes with its God's Not Dead franchise. The first one, starring Kevin Sorbo, managed to make an impressive $64.7 million on a mere $2M budget. There have been two less successful sequels, with the studio releasing other movies between.

So if Pure Flix is hoping to tell the story of the Thai cave rescue, would they make the film into one about Christianity? Scott addressed this as well, revealing it would be produced by the more mainstream affiliate Pinnacle Peak. Regarding faith in the movie, Scott said:

It's not necessary to make this a Christian film, just an inspirational one.

Well, that's one questioned answered. But considering the rescue just happened, there will have to be a long development process and conversations with the survivors before any real work can begin. The trauma is still very raw, with the kids and coach recovering from the physical side affects of being malnourished in the dark for over two weeks.

CinemaBlend will be sure to update you on the potential Thai cave rescue movie. For now, we sent our thoughts to the survivors and their families. Be sure to check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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