James Wan Hilariously Defends Aquaman Wearing Jeans Underwater

Aquaman Poster

It's no secret that superhero movies are everywhere. Big screen comic book adaptations are some of the highest grossing properties in Hollywood, with iconography helping to sell tickets. But since comic book characters are so beloved, there's also a ton of pressure to get it right. The fandom is always eager to see how faithfully the blockbusters adapt the source material, with comic book lovers quick to point out any flaws. The DCEU recently got fans hyped by releasing the first official poster for James Wan's Aquaman, starring Game of Thrones fan favorite Jason Momoa. But there's one issue: Arthur Curry is wearing jeans underwater. The fans pointed out how heavy the material would be if Aquaman was in the middle of the ocean, but Wan quickly fired back. And in the best way possible.

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Rather than going through the physics of swimming with denim, James Wan simplified things for all the angry fans out there: he's wearing jeans because it looks cool, and because putting Arthur Curry in something like chubbies or a speedo would be far more ridiculous.

James Wan's tweet shows how the Conjuring director isn't letting the pressure of Aquaman get to him. He's been pretty aloof via social media, while seemingly putting the entirety of his focus on making Arthur Curry's first live-action solo movie the best it can be. Wan is a director known for his vision, which is exactly what the DCEU needs in the wake of its less than stellar Justice League run.

While hilariously simple, James Wan's explanation to angry DC fans seems to further illustrate how fans of major franchises can sometimes overthink or go too far in their criticisms. Blockbusters like DC movies and the Star Wars franchise are incredibly popular, yet those associated with the projects are the subject of massive backlash. This trend has been a hot button issue in the business for the past month or so, with the likes of James Gunn, James Mangold, and Mark Hamill discussing angry fans via social media.

It looks like Arthur Curry is going to be rocking some sweet denim in Aquaman, but that won't be his only costume. Fans are eager to see Jason Momoa's character back in his signature superhero suit throughout the film, which debuted in Justice League. Merchandise designs for Aquaman seem to indicate Aquaman's suit in his solo flick might be more colorful and loyal to the comics, similar to Wonder Woman's treatment in her first solo movie. Because while Zack Snyder likes muted colors, Patty Jenkins lightened up Diana's suit to reflect her hopeful attitude.

All will be revealed when Aquaman arrives in theaters on December 21st. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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